Aeries Revision Notes 6/14/2019

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Street Address ManagementA new Street Address Management page has been added to Aeries. This new page facilitates the features found in the Client for the Street Address Error Report and Student Directory by Address. It can be used to quickly display a list of students and their associated addresses and any address issues. Address validation with the Streets table and DecisionInsite has been enhanced. The page includes the ability to Mass Validate all addresses in the district or school, or to mass update the Next School or Residential School fields. It is recommended to run the Mass Validate process once after this update is applied. Addresses can also be edited directly from this page. Any address issues are now stored in the database and displayed on the Student Demographics page as well as this new page. Issues are stored in the Address Validation Issues (STU.AVI) field, and the date the address was last valid is stored in the Address Valid Date (STU.AVD) field. Enhancements have been made to validate addresses when making changes to the City, State, or Zipcode fields instead of just the Address field. Enhancements have been made to allow address validation to happen more quickly with DecisionInsite in many cases. Users will need permissions to make address changes to utilize the new page.
Import Test ResultsThe Import Test Results screen in Aeries Web has been updated to allow the import of the 2017-18 and 2018-19 CAASPP Interim Assessment test scores. The data file must be downloaded from the Smarter Balanced Reporting System. Go to the Export Data for Analysis in Another Application card and click on the District/School Exports button. The data file will have a .csv extension. Do not open the data file in Excel. For more explanation on how to download the file please see our documentation.
Import Test ResultsThe Import Test Results screen in Aeries Web has been updated to allow the import of the 2018-19 ELPAC Student Score data file.
CALPADS ExtractsIn 2019/2020 school years, the Student Information (SINF) extract has been adjusted to help prevent CALPADS errors when changes are made to specific fields. The SINF extract will ignore the date of the change from the CALPADS Log Details (LGD table) and instead use the student enrollment start date. This will apply to the following absolute fields where data should not be changing for a student: Student Birth Date (STU.BD), Student Birth City (STU.BCY), Student Birth State (STU.BST), Student Birth Country (STU.BCU), Student Ethnicity (STU.ETH), Student Race (STU.RC1-RC5), and US School Enter Date (LAC.USS).

Also, in some cases, the SENR ODS Reconciliation was not removing the date columns from the Aeries SENR file, fixed.
Student Counts (CBEDS) ReportsA new option has been added to this report to print student counts by Reporting Language and Grade. This is the equivalent of the old "Print Student Counts by Reporting Language and Grade" report in the Aeries Client. Reports now support KEEP/SKIP and are adjusted not to include students with exit reasons of 400 in ENR. Also, on Report by Grade and Subgroup, a new option has been added to exclude students with LAC.SD after the report date and Socio-Economically Disadvantaged will include Homeless (PGM.CD = 191) and Foster (PGM.CD = 190). Also, a column for TK (PGM.CD = 185) has been added which only displays if the group by grade hasn't been selected. Also, on By Grade and Race/Ethnicity, a new column for Filipino has been added to distinguish them from Asian.

A new option has been added to this report to print student counts of Graduates and Dropouts. This is the equivalent of the old "Print Student Counts of Graduates and Dropouts" report in the Aeries Client. Also, this report now supports query tagging students when run. Also, Positive Attendance Schools are now included in this report by default when run at the district level.
Aeries FinancialsThe new Import Transactions to Financials page allows users to upload financial transactions from a flat file with .xlsx or .csv extension. A sample .xlsx file can be downloaded from this page as a starting point.
Student SearchThe Student Search has been further enhanced to return better potential matches. When using a comma in the search (i.e. "Kelly, J") the results were not consistently returning all students with the given last name, fixed. Also the "fuzzy search" that was implemented on 5/31 has been suppressed to more efficiently rank the results. Also, the Student Demographics page had the potential to encounter performance issues due to loading student images in the background after running a search, fixed.
System LoggingThe System Logging modification that occurred on the 5/17 update had the potential to cause "String or Binary Data would be truncated" errors during a Student Search and may have also caused some transactions to not be logged properly, fixed.
New Year RolloverThe New Year Rollover process had the potential to move students to the Inactive School unnecessarily. This would only occur if their Initial Ninth Grade (STU.INE) field was populated and their Cohort (STU.CHT) was not, please note these fields were not visible until the 5/31 update and may not have been populated anyway.
Master Schedule and Scheduling Master Schedule pagesThe "Copy" function on these pages has been updated to include several missing fields from the SMS and MST tables. “Total Other Gender" field (MST.TOG) was missing in change/edit mode. Added field, read-only.

TX - The Class Type (CTY) dropdown was using COD instead of Fixed Codes. Adjusted the dropdown's datasource to use the fixed codes.
SMS BoardThe "Copy Class" and "Move Class" processes have been adjusted to include several fields that were being lost during the copy / move process.
Attendance Audit Listing reportThe new "Student does not have an Attendance Enter after a 440 Leave" message on this report has been further refined to avoid false positives by excluding any enrollment in a school flagged as Do Not Report (LOC.DNR). This change also applies to the Status area of the Student Demographics page.
Parent Data Confirmation ContactsWhen adding a new contact the save button could be clicked multiple times on slower networks resulting in duplicate records, fixed. When a parent tried to delete a contact and update to email was disabled the delete would fail, fixed. Parent Data Confirmation had the potential to display a YSOD when moving backward from Contacts to the Student step and then confirming again, fixed.
Portal DocumentsUnder certain circumstances the drag and drop interface would not accurately update the sort order of documents and file groups, fixed. HTML was not being saved in the WYSIWIG editor for Comments, fixed. Clicking on a document after 'Save and Close' caused it to jump to the bottom of the group, fixed. The Information popup referring to the DCS.CT field was incorrect, should say DCV,CT. Fixed
Mass Change Period AbsencesThe List of Students input field was not always correctly selecting students, fixed. Also, A/B Day sections were not being handled correctly when the "Don't Use A/B Days" option was selected on School Options, fixed. Also, Attendance Notes could not be added without also updating attendance, fixed.
Mass Change Att CodesA/B Day sections were not being handled correctly when the "Don't Use A/B Days" option was selected on School Options, fixed.
Mass Change All Day CodeA/B Day sections were not being handled correctly when the "Don't Use A/B Days" option was selected on School Options, fixed.
PreSchedule Edit Listing reportA change made for the 2019 Gender update caused schools with SMS records with a value in the SX field to fail to run this report, fixed.
Student DemographicsThe ability to Delete High School students from this page has not been working since the 5/31 update, fixed.
Ed-Fi BetaThe Attendance Event Category entity was not sending the correct information for a period attendance value, fixed.
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