Mobile Portal App Revision Notes 6/2019

The following changes were released to the Aeries Mobile Portal App in June:

  • Notification Settings – The new Notification Settings screen, which can be found in the Settings section, allows users to setup the Grade Alert Threshold, a feature that is currently available in the Aeries Web Portal for districts that have enabled this feature (more info on setting up this feature).  When this feature is enabled by the district and the grade threshold is setup by a parent, grade changes will trigger a push notification message and an email to be sent to the user’s phone and email account.  This feature is available on both the iOS and Android platforms.
  • Login Passwords - When logging in, there is now an "Eye Icon" at the right of the password field.  Tapping the eye icon reveals the password in a readable format.  This is designed to assist students and parents when verifying that they entered their password correctly.
  • Grades – The Last Updated information on the Grades screen has been adjusted to only display Month and Day instead of also including Year and Time.  The additional information created confusion with some users.
  • Report a Problem – On Android platforms, the Selected Reason value in the Report a Problem screen was not being sent to the server after the submission, fixed.

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