Known Issue - Student Search Error

Known Issue - In certain situations, the following error will generate when using the Student Search:

A fix has been made and will be released in the update scheduled for this Friday, June 14th.  

There are several solutions available now and 2nd level can be contacted for more information.  

Below are details of the error:

The "String or binary data..." error is displaying when using the Student Search under the following circumstance.

The district has a new database with the LOG table structured 

with nvarchar(max) columns for OD (Old Data) and ND (New Data).  This is an 

intentional modification to enhance how the LOG table stores data in newer databases.  

Unfortunately, the Default Database is still using old nvarchar(255) columns.

When the first user (every 30 minutes) logs into a new database, our CacheManager is 

storing the new column size as the "DefaultFieldSize" for those columns.  When they (or 

anyone) then logs into the Default Database, the software believes that the LOG table 

has larger columns than it does and can cause truncation errors after a Student Search 

(due to logging the "Last 100" students searched from UAO).

I have multiple sites searching for a student and nothing happens. I have had them clear their cache and use a different browser but they keep experiencing the same thing. Do you think this could possibly be tied to this error? We're currently on version 6.3.

Hello Dana,

I wanted to double check that you were not still having the issues you mentioned above. We did send out updates regarding Student Search.

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