Information - Online Enrollment - Reapplying Permissions

For self-hosted customers running Aeries Online Enrollment, after applying the 5/31/2019 or later version of Aeries, database structure changes will likely require re-applying permissions to the AIRRole in SQL. Follow the instructions in this Document to ensure your Online Enrollment instance has all needed permissions.

I was told these SQL commands were ran and received a successful after the update was applied.  Should we re run the update after running these SQL commands?  Running the SQL commands did not fix it is why I ask.


Chad Swaim

I am in the same boat. I applied those fixes and still had an issues. I submitted a ticket and was given the following.


This still did not work.

We wound up not having permission to the Aeries Online Enrollment Update area in so there was an updates that we had never got permission for.  Aeries had to give us permission for that.  And then after that we seen an error in Event Viewer that was causing Aeries Online Enrollment to point to the old database so we had to modify the Online Enrollment config file to point to the current database.

Now all is well.

It is possible you may have some unique situation in your district regarding security. Aeries Support should be able to help you troubleshoot and get this resolved.

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