Aeries Revision Notes 5/31/2019

The next scheduled update to Aeries after this one is 6/14/2019.

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Portal DocumentsThis is a new page which replaces and extends the functionality of the old Documents tab in Portal Options. Documents and File Groups are now able to be organized easily with a drag and drop interface. Each document may now be uploaded in multiple languages. Also, a new "confirmation type" setting has been added which will allow for configuring documents to display to current year students, pre-enrolled students, or both. This new setting works with both Data Confirmation and Online Enrollment. Another new feature allows the archiving of documents, which enables a document to be uploaded over the old version in a new year while retaining the original copy for use if it becomes necessary to view or restore the previous version of the document. Note: Running AdminCS will convert data into the new table structures, and it is normal to get some warnings regarding foreign keys when applying the update.
Portal OptionsThe Documents tab now links to the new Portal Documents page.
Data Confirmation - DocumentsThe documents tab for parents has been updated to match the same style used in Aeries Online Enrollment. Parents will be required to click the document link before it is considered confirmed. Documents will now display in the logged in language if available from Aeries Web. Documents will also honor the new confirmation type field which is setup in Aeries Web to allow certain documents to be shown only to registrations for next year, and others to be only shown to current year registrations.
Income SurveyThe 2019-2020 Income Eligibility Guidelines have been added to Aeries. Also, when a parent declined to answer the Income Survey they would be able to answer again upon their next log in, fixed.
Document Confirmation LogDocuments confirmed by parents will now display in both the language they were confirmed in and in English. Documents on this page are now able to be sorted.
Online Enrollment ImportNow supports the importing of document confirmations in multiple languages.
Electronic Score Report ProcessThis is a new scheduled process which make calls to the ETS server for new Student Electronic Test Score Reports. If new tests are available, parents with an email address are notified via email, otherwise, they require manual follow-up. 
Configure Electronic Score Report ProcessingThis is a new page for configuring various options of the process. Options include the day(s) of the week for the process to run, the time of day, email address to send the summary to, checkbox to process previous school year, an option to skip students before a certain leave date, and an option to skip students with certain status tags. There is also multi-lingual support for the email message to parents and for custom instructions to parents when they access the State Test Score Reports page.
Electronic Score Report ManagerThis is a new page for users to manage results of the Electronic Score Report Process. Users will be able to know which students' parents require manual follow-up and update the associated ERL record.
State Test Scores ReportsDue to the existence of Student Address information on the State Electronic Score Reports, this page will not allow parents or teachers to access score reports if a student's "Do Not Release Records" (STU.DNR) is set. 
ERL tableA new table has been added to store the results of the Electronic Score Report Process.
Google IntegrationTwo new options have been added to the Google Apps Integration page to allow linking of Google accounts to Students in Aeries through the External Student Id table (ESI), without the creation and management of those accounts. The first option allows ESI to be populated via a nightly process, and the 2nd allows ESI to be populated upon adding or changing a student record. The pattern matching for usernames will now strip out domains if the student network id field is used so that the domain does not appear twice in the generated account. Also, the directory sync had the potential to inactivate a student's account when that student became inactive at a concurrent enrollment school, fixed.
Student DemographicsFor Districts using Google Integration, when the 'Show Google Account options on Student Demographic page' option is checked, any student currently linked to an account in Google will display an additional option to exclude the account from the directory sync. Also, Google accounts of students excluded from the directory sync will be able to be enabled or disabled manually from this page.
UC ELC ExtractThis page has been migrated from the Aeries Client to Web. It is used to extract data for students eligible for UC submissions for ELC and Student Contact Data files. The TES and FN extracts are not currently available but are planned for an upcoming release. 
CALPADS ExtractsThe logic for the SENR indicators has been adjusted to use grade level translations. Also, the SENR ODS reconciliation was not working since the addition of the SENR indicators, fixed. Additionally, the Student Career Technical Education (SCTE) extract has been modified to include the new Career Pathways History Level (CPH.LVL) field in the processing. Only records with a level of Concentrator or Completer will be included in the SCTE extract. Career Pathways History records with a Level (CPH.LVL) of Non-Concentrator will not be extracted.
Student SearchThe Student Search will now include results using a "fuzzy search", allowing similar names like "Jon", "Sean" and "Shawn" to appear when you search for "John". These matches will show after exact and partial (e.g. "Johnson") matches. Also added logic to return alias names (LNA, FNA) in the results along with the regular names (LN, FN). The Search will now include names that end with what is typed in addition to begins with (i.e. "Jones-Smith" would have come up if you type "Jones", but not "Smith"). These matches will show after the regular (i.e. "Jones-Smith" would display before any "Smith-Jones" when searching for "Jones"). The process will now test the first and last names reversed when both are included (i.e. "James, Jesse" will now match both "Jesse James" and "James Jesse"). Also, will now include middle name (MN, MNA) matches in the results below the other matches. The Student Search will also now allow for searching based on Social Security Number when stored in the Encrypted Student Data (ESD) table. Please note that the results set will not display the number, but rather the student(s) listed will be limited by the given number. Searching has also been improved in the Aeries EM2 App.
TeachersFor schools without a master schedule, the label of the "CBEDS" field on this page has been changed to "State Course Code".
Aeries Mobile APIThe "What If" feature returned zero score points if the student attended two or more schools, fixed. Also, a change was made to support upcoming features of the Aeries Mobile Portal app.
QueryChanging schools now automatically resets any KEEP/SKIP queries.
College Request Listing reportThis report has been converted from the Aeries Client and includes both a Print by Student and a Print by College option.
Student DemographicsThe Initial Ninth Grade Entry and Cohort fields will now display for students between 9th and 12th grade. Also, Initial Ninth Grade Entry can now be edited from the demographics page.
Student Locator CardsThe sorting for locator cards has been updated to order by course title when no section information is displayed. Also, a visual adjustment has been made correcting the location of the teacher number column on the two cards per page version of the report when section information is not printed.
Asset Letter to ParentsIf no Asset Letter has been created, a link to the Letter Editor and an informational message are now provided.
OneRoster APIA few extra data elements were added to the category metadata for the get Category endpoint. These elements are not required by OneRoster but may be used by Learning Management Systems to better integrate with Aeries. Also, the put LineItem endpoint has been modified to add the assignment to a different gradebook from the same teacher, category type, section number and school, if the assignment due date is within the start and end dates when the assignment due date is not within current gradebook's start and end dates. Also, the get Teachers and Students endpoints were modified to better meet the OneRoster v1.1's spec.
Ed-Fi BetaMapping bug fixes were made to the following entities: School, Student, Student School Attendance, Course, Location, Discipline Incident, Student Discipline Incident Association, Discipline Action, Staff School Association, Parent, and Grade.
CoursesThis page would not allow users to Add or Copy a new Course since the 5/7 update if Required Fields were defined, fixed. That update also caused the Custom User Code Field Captions logic to stop working, fixed.
Student GroupsIf a Student Group was selected via the "Use This Group" button, and the user changed schools, an error occurred, fixed.
Attendance ReportsMany attendance reports were generating errors when a student had more than one "Enter" record without a "Leave" in between, fixed.
Financial TransactionsIn the report pop-up window, there was a typo for "Print 1098-T", fixed.
CoursesThe new Level field in Course Career Pathways was not being populated when adding a pathway to a course, fixed. Also, now if a course does not have a valid State Course Code associated with CTE the following message will display under the Career Pathways tab: "In order to add this course to a pathway, a valid CTE State Course Code between 7000-8999 must be associated to the course. This can be done under the "California Specific Fields" tab above."
Career Pathways ManagementThe add and delete buttons under the courses grid will now be hidden at the district level and for users missing the INSERT and/or DELETE permissions.
SecurityThe INSERT and DELETE security permissions have been added for the CCP table.
Update Multiple Mark Heading And DescriptionsThe Begin and End Date fields could not be blanked-out, fixed.
Physical Fitness Test Error reportIf printing this report by teacher, course, or section and the separate error and warning option is not selected then the report would break on Period, fixed. Also, students without a record in the selected test administrations but with a test taken in the selected year would display on the report, fixed. Also, an error would occur if students had a parent education level value of "", fixed.
Student Immunizations Card report (Blue Card 2019)The "Filipino" race now checks the "Other" checkbox. Also, codes with a COD.N1 value of 1.00 is now honored in the report for Permanent Medical Exemptions.
ImmunizationsSelecting the Tdap option in the DTP type was not satisfying the DTP requirements, fixed.
Aeries AnalyticsIn certain circumstances, CCI indicators were not running, fixed.
State Seal of BiliteracySince the 5/7/2019 update this process failed to complete if more than one English Study Area was selected, fixed.
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