Known Issue - OneRoster CSV Extract sourceId change - Fixed 5/24/2019

With the 5/17 version of Aeries, a change was made to the OneRoster CSV Extract to improve the classes sourceId by making it more unique. This change was made in the OneRoster API as well as the OneRoster CSV extract. There is no known issues with the API since it works with both the new and old sourceID format, however with the CSV extract, the sourceId was updated in the classes.csv file, but not in the enrollments.csv and lineItems.csv files. We have also had reports that the change made had an adverse effect on some third party vendors who were not expecting the sourceID to change.

For this reason, we have decided to revert the logic back to the old sourceId format, and only change the sourceID on databases beginning in 2019-20. Programming is working on these changes now, and we expect to ship this fix right away.

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This issue was resolved with the 5/24/2019 version of Aeries.

The sourcedId in the classes.csv file was changed to a new format (SC_TN_TeacherNumber) in the 5/17 release and was causing issues with some vendors. It has been reverted to the old sourcedId format (SC_ID). Beginning next school year (2019-2020) and beyond, the new sourcedId format (SC_TN_TeacherNumber) will be implemented.

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