Known Issues - SMS Board and Attendance Audit Listing Report - Fixed 5/21/19

Since the 5/17/19 release, two issues have been reported:

(1) Certain functions of the SMS Board are not operating correctly, including the Add Class, Move Class, and Drop Class buttons, as well as editing a section on the board. Using the Scheduling Master page is a recommended workaround until these issues are fixed..

(2) The Attendance Audit Listing report has the potential to incorrectly display an "Active student not currently in attendance" error when run at the school level for certain schools.

Programming is currently investigating these issues and fixes for both will be released soon. 

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Thank you Connie for the information. Have a great day!

Do we have an update on these issues? Have they all been fixed since the update on the 21st?

Yes, these issues were fixed in the update released on 5/21/19. 

I have not yet done the 5/21/19 update. Would this issue cause the rosters not to print on the Summer School Scheduling Master? I got a report in from my Summer School principal ( I also tried with the same outcome) that when he goes to print roster it gives him an error stating No information available...

Hi Allison! I do not believe that these issues are related and I encourage you to submit a ticket to Aeries support if you need assistance.

Hi Carole,

We are still having issues with the SMS board not correctly population student totals. In the Scheduling Master page the number of students populate correctly. Are on the newest release. Any idea what's going on?

Hi Raul, I would encourage you to submit a support ticket, so that your SMS Board issue can be investigated.

We have submitted a ticket and have a LONG ongoing discussion with Aeries on this.  They know its an issue and have told us they do not see a fix in sight.  We also have classes being overloaded when they shouldn't be able to be because of this issue.  

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