Aeries Revision Notes 5/17/2019

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New Year RolloverThe New Year Rollover has been updated for the 2019-20 Rollover. An option to "Increment Staff Years in Service (STF)" (ROL.BSY) has been added to the rollover, this option runs similar to the "Update Totals" button on the Staff page. When selecting to "Close out open Authorizations (AUT)", a new option "Do NOT Close AUT if Status Date is After" (ROL.SDA) has been added. This will allow authorizations from earlier in the year to be closed, while leaving newly gathered authorizations open. Also, an informational label has been added under the Copy Custom SQL Modules option and under the Pre-Rollover Reports stating: "Also ensure all of your custom tables are defined in Define Custom Tables (even those that are unavailable in Aeries). Tables defined here without a Navigation Location will be copied in the Rollover but not visible in Aeries." The "Only copy the latest set of Gradebook Backups (GBB)" option will now limit to current year records. When copying the Course table, if the Next State Course Code (CRS.NC3) is populated it will replace the existing State Course Code (CRS.C3). Please note that this field is not yet available on the Courses page as we await instruction from CALPADS. Also, additional notes and extra information and instructions have been added to this page.
Define Custom TablesThis page now allows defining a table without declaring a Navigation Location. Tables defined this way will not be visible in Aeries, but will automatically roll to the new year in the New Year Rollover process. When selecting a blank Navigation Location, none of the subsequent options will be required.
Student DemographicsA new field for Student Personal Email (STU.SPE) has been added to the Demographics page on the Student Data 2 tab next to Completion Status. Please note: populating this field does not automatically create or update student portal accounts and is currently designed for graduating seniors only. The New Year Rollover process will use this field to create new student portal accounts for students who are not rolling into the new year (i.e. graduates).
Import Test ResultThe Import Test Results screen in Aeries Web has been updated to allow the import of the 2017-18 and 2018-19 PFT Student Scored data file.
Scheduling Wait ListsA new option to enable "Scheduling Wait Lists" for SMS and MST sections has been added to Aeries. The Scheduling Setup page can be used to enable these 2 areas of functionality. Once enabled, students can be added to the "Wait List" on any section if that section is full. This is done when using the "View MST" or "View SMS" popup windows. After attempting to add a section to a student, the system will ask a user with appropriate permissions if they would like to add the student to the Wait List for that full section. Students can also be added directly from the Scheduling Master Schedule and Master Schedule forms. Students on the Wait List can also be re-ordered or removed from the list. The new SWL table is used for the "Scheduling Master Schedule Wait List" and the new AWL table is used for the "Master Schedule Wait List". Support for backing up and restoring the SWL table has been added to the Scheduling Backup and Restore page. SWL is also moved to AWL during the Copy Scheduling Results to SEC & MST process. When a student is added to a section that they are on the Wait List for, the Wait List record is automatically removed. There is also an option to delete Wait List records when a student successfully enrolls in a section of the same course as a Wait List section.
FinancialsUsers can now adjust a charged transaction amount to a lower value by selecting the Balance Adjustment from the Payment Type drop-down list. The adjusted amount must be applied to an existing fee. Also, when a charged transaction is fully paid, the status will show Paid instead of Completed.
Financial ReportsThe Financial Payment Listing, Financial Transaction History and Financial Transactions by Date reports were modified to reflect a fee’s adjusted total.
Update Code TableThe code "ADJUST" has been added to the list of reserved words for Aeries Financials' payment type (Table=FTD, Field=PT).
EmailAll emails from within Aeries will now come from the "Send Emails From" in district options. In areas where there is another "sender" such as the Send Emails page and in Gradebook, that email address will appear as a "reply to" address. Emails originating from the Aeries Reporting Service will still use the SMTP settings configured on the Aeries Reporting server. These changes were made to help organizations implement more secure domain validations for emails originating from the Aeries SIS.
System LoggingFor newly created Aeries SQL Databases, the Old Data and New Data fields in the LOG table are no longer limited to 255 characters. Also, the Old Data and New Data are now stored in JSON format to make it easier to retrieve these values programmatically.
School OptionsA new section entitled School Contacts has been added to allow users to list general school contacts. A new table, LCN, will be used to store this information. The update includes five fixed codes: Principal, Registrar, Attendance, Counseling and Health for LCN.CD. Users will be able to add more departments/offices from the COD table. Various programs will use the contact information listed here in the future for letters and emails.
Student DemographicsWhen inactivating a student with summer school course requests, users now have the option to drop the summer school course requests. Also, visual enhancements have been made to the popup window.
Transfer StudentUsers now have the option to drop summer school course requests during the transfer process.
No Show SetupA new option to "Always Drop Summer Course Requests" has been added to this page.
Course Requests and Course Requests / ScheduleThe Summer School Course Requests section has been added back to these pages.
Course Requests / SummerThis page has been removed from the admin/user navigation.
Attendance Audit Listing reportThe new "Student does not have an Attendance Enter after a 440 Leave" message on this report has been refined to avoid false positives when a student transfers to a "virtual school". The 440 warning will no longer occur when the home school of the enter record matches the school code of the leave record, or vice-versa, and there are no school days between the leave and re-entry. This change also applies to the Status area of the Student Demographics page.
OneRoster v1.1 APIThe PUT Results endpoint was not able to overwrite assignments that were exempted, fixed. Also, the GET and PUT LineItems endpoints now handle assignedDate and dueDate in UTC format. Also, the org data element of the course is now populated with the district information. Also, elementary class sourcedId has been changed to be more unique. The system is backward compatible, therefore, all existing sourcedIds are still valid. Also, the GET endpoints will return an error payload with HTTP 404 instead HTTP 200 if the passed in sourcedId is invalid or not in our system.
OneRoster v1.1 ExtractElementary class sourcedId has been changed to be more unique.
Standards Based Grades by TeacherThe comment field on this page has been updated to remove some additional HTML tags printed in the report when copied in from other text editors.
Document Confirmation LogA Print button has been added to the page and the print layout of the page has been improved.
Attendance Notes PopupWhen adding a note, the input focus will now focus on the period. The layout of the popup has been improved, allowing the popup window to be smaller.
Contacts and Vision pagesThe comment fields on these pages have been updated to remove invalid HTML tags.
Parent PortalMany layout issues while using the Arabic language have been improved.
AttendanceDays flagged for ADA Makeup now display to users, even if they do not have access to read the ATN (Attendance Notes) table.
CoursesThe drop-down lists on this page have been widened to better fit codes without requiring a horizontal scrollbar.
Hourly Attendance ReportsThese reports will now show a dash or hyphen (which means no class) if the All Day Attendance field is populated with an Absence Codes flagged as "Temporarily Not Enrolled". This will result in back-posting no longer being able to back-post into days the student was temporarily not enrolled.
DemographicsThe newly added US School Age 3 & Up and US School K-12 fields were not highlighting when the Highlight State Reporting option was selected, fixed.
QuerySome fields from the STU table were not available in Query, fixed.
Standards by Teacher/Teacher SBGThe Print button on a Kindergarten student had the potential to print the wrong report card style (i.e. landscape instead of portrait), fixed.
Standards Based GradesThe comment field on this page has been updated to remove some additional HTML tags when copied in from other text editors.
Students with Perfect Attendance reportThe options for this report now include the message: Select Codes to Count as "Non-Perfect Attendance." Also, visual updates have been made to the code selection list.
ContactsSince the 5/3 update to Aeries, parents with Edit Permissions to the Contacts table were not restricted from seeing restricted content on contacts while in Edit Mode on a record, fixed.
Period AttendanceThe Period attendance input would move with the page scroll, fixed.
Student Class Schedule for All Students reportThis report has been updated to include options to further group printed terms by quarters, semesters, or trimesters where possible.
Enrollment History ReportThis report has been updated to display Year as a range.
Ed-Fi BetaThe following Ed-Fi code mappings have been fixed: Limited English Proficiency Descriptor, Weapon Descriptor, Education Organization Identification System Descriptor, Course Offering Term Descriptor, Student Birth State, Default Mappings, and Duplicate Course Level Characteristics. Also, Ed-Fi Beta districts were getting mapping errors when testing Ed-Fi, fixed.

I have a question about this item: 

Standards Based Grades by TeacherThe comment field on this page has been updated to remove some additional HTML tags printed in the report when copied in from other text editors.

We have been having an issue with teachers copying comments from either Microsoft Word or Google Docs that contain certain characters (apostrophe, for example). That seems to throw the formatting off for the Standards-Base report card. Does this update fix that issue? 

Hi Jan, yes this should improve copying/pasting from other applications, which sometimes brings along unwanted html formatting. This update should help with that.

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Fantastic! Our elementary sites are going to begin their Standards-Based Grading for the end of school, and this always seems to be an issue for some of them. Thanks so much!

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