Known Issue - Viewing contact information for a student marked 'Do not Display contact information' - Fixed 5/17/2019

Update - This issue was fixed in the update released on 5/27/2019.  Aeries Revision Notes 5/17/2019 

This issue affects customers who have Data Confirmation open or the new option for Contact Management window open, and have allowed Parents to edit Contact information in Security > Portal Groups

As of the 5/7/2019 update, the new Contact Management options that allow parents to edit contacts in the Parent Portal outside of the Data Confirmation window allows contact information of students tagged in STU.DNR with a ‘Do Not Display’ or ‘Do Not Release’ code with a value of 1.00 to be viewed in ‘Edit’ mode. The Contact information of the student is not displayed on the Demographic page and is also hidden in the Parent Portal until the Pencil Icon is clicked for editing and then the information is displayed. This is a security concern and the fix should ship shortly. Until then, Schools that are concerned about privacy can simply disable the Parents’ ability to edit records by removing dates from the ‘Contacts’ tab in School Info > Portal Management > Portal Options and/or closing the dates of Parent Data Changing to prevent editing. This will prevent the contact information from being viewed.

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