Aeries Revision Notes 5/7/2019

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ImmunizationsThe Immunizations page has been updated with 21 new fields to support the 2019-20 school year immunization requirements and to better track requirements met and follow-ups at the various checkpoints. Pre-K, K-12, and 7th grade now have their own sets of fields for recording requirements met including adding a Staff Initials field. Also, visual enhancements have been made to this page including placing the Requirements Met and Change button on the top of the page. Also, the 7th Grade Tdap requirement has been moved to it’s own line and no longer considers the DTP requirement met when that single field is populated.

When customers are ready to begin checking immunization requirements according to the new 2019-20 standards, they should go to the Configure Vaccination Requirements page and click the Load Default button to apply the new requirements. After restoring the defaults, any district specific requirements (if any) will need to be re-added. See documentation for details.
Blue Card reportThe new format for the California Immunization Record (CDPH-286 Blue Card) is now supported. The old blue card format is still available for printing in 2018-2019 and prior databases. Also, when printing this report from the Immunizations page, the back-side instructions will print by default.
Configure Vaccination RequirementsThe defaults for this page have been updated based on the new 2019-20 school year standards. Also, visual enhancements have been made to this page.
Immunization Card (Plain Paper)This report now includes the new Status of Requirements fields. Also, the words “EXEMPT” will no longer print in place of dates on this report. Also, the Varicella date now prints starting in the first position.
Medical ProfileThis report now includes the new Status of Requirements fields.
Career Pathways ManagementThis page has been significantly redesigned to improve usability and replaces the old Career Pathway Dashboard page. This page now allows users to identify all levels of students within a pathway including non-concentrators, concentrators, and completers. Identifying these students within this page is intuitive and will help users recognize students who have the potential to complete a pathway. New features include the ability to honor KEEP/SKIP queries and new ways to limit courses when defining course sequences. Please see the following article for more information:
Portal OptionsA new contacts tab has been added. Now Contact Management windows may be configured to allow parents to update contacts outside of the Parent Data Confirmation windows. A new option has been added to allow parent's to self-associate with contact records. A new option has been added to allow only Ed Rights Holders to edit Contacts and complete Data Confirmation. When saving changes on Portal Options, only the changed records will save to the database now, also those changes will now be logged. Also, an error would occur when no codes existed for PGM.HDT, fixed.
ContactsA new lock field has been added to give school staff the ability to lock down certain contact records so that they may not be changed in the parent portal. New pop up messages display with information confirming records have been saved, or displaying any errors that may be present. Also, removing field level read access would not remove visibility of that field for users with update rights, fixed.
Parent Home PageA portal option has been added which will allow parents who are not associated with a contact record by having a matching email address, to self associate and set the email address of any contact record which does not have a corresponding portal account to their portal account email address. Now when a notification preference is changed to "Do Not Contact" from the parent's notification preferences widget, it will warn them that all notifications including attendance will be disabled. Selecting this will set CON.NP= "0" and CON.AN = "N".
Parent Data ConfirmationThe contacts step now looks and feels much like the admin portal contact page with the new card layout. Data Confirmation can now be limited to contacts tagged as Ed Rights Holders.
Medical NotesMedical Notes records have been updated to include new Start Date, End Date, and Code fields. Also, medical notes records will now sort between Active notes that start on or before today and end on or after today and Inactive notes that end before today. Also, several style updates have been implemented on this page.
Student Medical Notes reportThis report will now include the new Start Date, End Date, and Code fields. Also, this report now includes a date range option. Also, this report's student selector and print one student per page options have been fixed to work better.
UC Eligibility ReportThis report now displays the highest ACT composite score and its associated subscores.
CSU Eligibility reportThis report now displays the highest composite ACT score and the highest subscore across all ACTs the student has taken.
Report OptionsStudent Search - A textbox has been added to help filter and find particular students to run on various reports.
State Seal of BiliteracyQualifications have been adjusted so that only students who have their language fluency as English Learner will need to meet the ELPAC requirement. 
504 PlansThe Meeting type code has been added to the plan dates dropdown list. The meeting type code also now displays in the meeting type field dropdown.
FinancialsThe account code for charges will now be forwarded to the Livingtree student payment portals. Also, on the Edbacker Nightly Process page, the Run Now (Scheduled Payments) process was not calculating the remaining balance correctly when there was a late fee, fixed.
OneRoster CSV ExtractThe manifest.csv file will now include the optional source.systemCode property, which will be populated with the value: "Aeries".
Immunization StatusThis report now supports district users, and also has an option to include inactive students.
Civil Rights Data CollectionIn some cases when students had suspensions in multiple schools not all schools were receiving a count for the student, fixed.
CCI Student SummaryThis page was not including some CTE courses during status calculations, fixed. Also, "Planned Credits" has been added to the Graduation section of this page if the preferred calculation method is "Using Academic Plan". Also, since the 4/26 version of Aeries, the system was setting all graduation status values to "Not Available", fixed. Also, to simplify the status calculations, the "Approaching Prepared" status will only be calculated if it is the summer after the 12th grade for a student. Also, If the student's CCI status ends up being "Approaching Prepared" the page will display the measures and sub measures accordingly.
Summer School SchedulerThe scheduler was sometimes scheduling students with multiple requests of the same course in the incorrect term, fixed.
Aeries AnalyticsThe chronic absenteeism threshold of the LCAP "Attendance % (Chronic (>10%) vs Non Chronic)" has been adjusted to >= 10% to match CDE Definition of Chronic Absenteeism.
State Seal of BiliteracyThe GPA calculations for requirements 1 and 3 were not limiting to the ELA subject area or foreign language courses, fixed. 
Teacher AttendanceThe "Attendance cannot be taken after a period ends" option was not being honored if a Teacher Attendance page remained open without being refreshed, fixed.
Supplemental Attendance by StudentWhen students check into supplemental sessions at a positive attendance school, the linked period attendance will now be populated with a present code instead of clearing it.
Aeries Mobile Portal APIIn rare circumstances parents could see a data confirmation message on the Notifications screen of the Aeries Mobile Portal app that does not belong to their child, fixed.
System StabilityAdjustments have been made to improve system performance.
Ed-Fi BetaThe Ed-Fi Code Mapping has been enhanced to support multiple ODS, descriptor namespace, direct descriptor and type mapping. Also, Grading Period and Session mappings now support both elementary and secondary schools.

It was scheduling the students prior to the update just not recognizing the term.  
Please keep me posted our summer school starts on June 10th and it looks we are not going to have time to send out the scheduling letters.

Summer School SchedulerThe scheduler was sometimes scheduling students with multiple requests of the same course in the incorrect term, fixed.

Hi Lori, please submit a ticket if you have issue with the scheduler.

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