Known Issue - Mass Change Period Absences "A List of Students" Field Errors or Truncates Input List - Fixed 6/14/2019

Since the 4/26/19 revision, the List of Students input field on the Mass Change Period Absences page has the potential to error and/or not display data for a student.

This issue is receiving prompt attention and a fix will be released soon.

As a workaround, a KEEP query can be used. Without leaving the Mass Change Period Absences page, a quick KEEP can be accomplished using the Student Search field. 

Type or paste IDs into the Search Students field and press Search:

On the Student Search popup that displays, click on Keep Students:

On Mass Change Period Absences, select Use the kept students (no section needed):

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For those with lots of mass changes due to AP testing: 

We found using student groups to be quick and easy since our attendance clerks are working off of teacher google docs and excel sheets.  Instead of pasting to the mass change period, they can make the group and select Use a Student Group.  Hopefully, this problem is quickly fixed, AP testing is already stressful for staff.

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I created a how to document for our sites using the Multi Student Search Option. Copy and paste the student ID list into the Multi Student Search, Keep the list, then go to the Mass Change Period Absences. Select Use the kept students (no section needed) option, then they can use it without a problem.

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