Aeries Revision Notes 4/19/2019

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QueryA new feature called Extended Query Fields is now available. Users will be able to easily query Student Indicator Details generated by Aeries Analytics. The indicators will be presented to the user as "extended fields" in the query screen as users pick the STU table in their query. Extended fields are security sensitive to the root data table of the Analytics Indicator to which it is linked.
Extended Student Fields ConfigThis is a new page to allow Districts to configure the column names for the Analytics Items that are being used as Extended Fields in the new Aeries Extended Query Fields feature.
Aeries ReportsReport files will no longer be sent as email attachments. Instead, a direct link to retrieve the report file will be included in the report notification email. For security reasons, the link will only work for the Aeries user who ran the report. The Report Delivery drop-down choices have been updated accordingly to replace "Attachment" with "Link".

Asset LettersThis is a newly converted report from the Aeries Client, replacing the Textbook Letter to Parents. This report supports KEEP/SKIP, Student Groups, inactive students, print for selected students or all students and printing for multiple languages. The Asset Letter Text Editor now uses a WYSIWYG editor for creating and editing letters.

Multiple Mark Headings And DescriptionsThree new columns and several fields have been added to this page and the GRP table for Term Start and End Dates and Term State Codes. These will be used in the future for Ed-Fi integrations. Also, several visual updates have been applied to the page.

NavigationThe Classes and Academic Plan pages have been moved to display above the "Old" versions of these pages.
Various PagesSince the 4/11/2019 update, newly added year selection lists defaulted to incorrect years, fixed.

Secondary Student DataThe CTE.AY (Academic Year) value for the current student caused an error when it did not conform to the 20xx-20yy format, fixed.
GradebookSince the 4/11/2019 release, teachers were not able to select Students (GBU) or Scores (GBS) data to restore, fixed.

Attendance ManagementIf a student had no Contact records, the Contacts popup was displaying the previous student's Contacts, fixed.
Update Course Request OptionsCourse titles were being blanked out when the "Update Totals from MST" process was run, fixed. Also, MST sections with grade ranges differing from Course grade ranges are now displayed.
Career Pathways Mass Add EventThe Outcomes, Experience, and Compensation dropdowns were only displaying the fixed codes. The logic has been adjusted to also get the user-defined codes (COD table).

Aeries Mobile APIThe "Report A Problem" feature in the Aeries Mobile Portal app was not properly logging the information into the Feedback (FBK) table, fixed. 

Ed-Fi Test PageVarious bug fixes have been made to the Ed-Fi Test Page.

Student PicturesA new picture taken with a connected camera was not saving if the student's picture was previously deleted, fixed.

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