Known Issue - Default school year is the earliest school year available in a column when editing records in Transcripts. - Fixed 4/19/2019

Update - This issue was fixed in the update released on 04/19/2019

In the 4/11/2019 revision various pages were updated to display the school year as a range instead of a single year.  This change is causing the default school year to be the earliest available in the column when a record is edited in the Transcripts form. This issue is receiving prompt attention and a fix will be released soon.

Any updates on this!

Hi Faiza,

This issue was fixed in the update released on 4/19/2019. 


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Will this fix be on the revision notes for 4/19/19?

We are not seeing this update; the default school year is still the earliest year available.

If you're hosted, you haven't been updated yet.  I think hosted gets updated Wednesday nights

Any updates as this is still happening


Hosted databases were updated last night with the 4/19/2019 version that corrects this issue.  If you're district is not hosted you should check with your technology department.  They probably have a different update schedule. 


I have a ticket for a  Hosted district showing they are on 4.19 version and still reporting this as a problem.

Our counselor at Adult Ed can not change year in transcript to before 1993-1994. We are a hosted district on 4.19 version. Any updates on the fix. She's has been patiently waiting for 2 weeks now.

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