Aeries Revision Notes 4/11/2019

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CALPADS Extracts

The CALPADS codes have been updated according the 12/1/2018 codeset. 

The Discipline extract (SDIS) has been adjusted to combine suspension and expulsion days. Also, partial days will now be extracted for all students. 

New options have been added to the CALPADS Other Options tab for the new Enrollment extract (SENR) Indicators. The Enrollment extract (SENR) has been updated to include the new indicator fields (columns 1.34 to 1.39). These indicators will use the CSE, CPO or ACT tables. The indicators will be included in the extract starting on May 7th. 

Also, the Fall 2 and EOY extracts have been updated to honor the 'STU.TG Values to Skip' and 'STU.SP Values to Skip' settings. The CRSE and CRSC have been adjusted to handle this new status code.

The LTEL Import tab has now a message indicating the last time an LTEL file was imported as well as the academic year from the imported file.

A new code for Multiple Teacher Status ("09") has been added to identify those classes that have more than one teacher, but they are not to be extracted with a multiple teachers status code.
CASEMIS ImportAeries now supports files using the latest version 4.1 of the Special Ed Data Model. Also, the Special Education Entry Date will be set to NULL in Aeries if the Plan Type indicates that the student is not currently receiving services. This prevents a student who is not receiving services from being mistakenly included in active Special Education counts.
State Seal of BiliteracyQualifications have been adjusted so that students who have their language fluency reclassified will not need to meet the ELPAC requirement.
Civil Rights Data CollectionCRDC for the 2017-18 school year has been updated to better accommodate Skip logic for schools with no preschool. Sections with Expulsion with/without Ed Services using multiple codes including the ADS table in some cases was including students that were not expelled, fixed. OFFN-1 Section had the potential to show 0 if not all codes were mapped, fixed. Days Suspended has been enhanced to avoid potential rounding errors.
Attendance Audit Listing reportThis report can now run on anon-school day as if being run on the closest valid school day. This was done specifically to allow running the report after Attendance has been initialized, but before the first day of school. This same change also allows running the report after the last day of school as if it were the last day of school. New messages for "Student does not have an Attendance Enter after a 440 Leave", "Student Leave Date does not match Attendance Leave Date", and "Student has Course Attendance without Enrollment" messages have been added to this report. Also, the "TK Student 5 Years or older" message now limits to active students. Course Attendance warnings were considering an Attendance Leave Date as a non-attendance day, fixed. The "Student Enrolled in Crs Attendance but has no Classes" warning will validate against Student Leave Date (STU.LD)when populated instead of "today". The "Student has a Dropout code but has attendance data" and "Student has a Dropout Summer Withdrawal Reason but is active" warnings will now show if the student is actively re-enrolled in the same school (was limited to showing after a transfer). These changes also apply to the Status area of the Student Demographics page. Also, when validating Course Attendance Leave Date against Student Leave Date or “today”, allow the dates to match. It was giving the warning if the dates match, now will only give error if Course Attendance dates are in the future. Please note that this logic already existed on the Student Demographics page.
Student DemographicsThis page has been updated to include the SNOR field (SSD.SUS) next to the birth country. This field will only be available if the birth country is other than "US" or "PR." Users updating this field will need Update permission to the Secondary Student Data (SSD) table. Also, the US School Age 3 & Up (LAC.US3) and the US School K-12 (LAC.USS) enter dates are now also available on this page. The user will need the proper permission to LAC in order to view, edit, or insert to the LAC table.
Fees by Student reportA new option to "Print Only Paid Fees within Date Range" has been added to this report. This option was added to match the Client report "Print Fees Paid by Date Range". Also, new sorting options have also been added to this report.
Aeries Mobile Portal AppSchool administrators can now impersonate Aeries Mobile Portal users by adding the ampersand (&) and the admin username after the mobile portal username and using the administrator password to log in (ex. Also, students who attend two schools might encounter an issue where the Supplemental Attendance and Report Card History icons are missing when school A grants permissions to Supplemental Attendance (ATD) and Report Card History (RCH) but school B does not, fixed.
Aeries Mobile APIThe alert window on Android devices would sometimes display an error with "termCode" when viewing a course in the elementary schools, fixed.
Special ProgramsThe Outcome drop-down now allows combined fixed codes and user-defined codes. Also, the Program Code description was displaying inconsistently in situations where a user-defined code was overriding a fixed code, fixed.
System Usage MetricsAdditional internal errors will now be sent back to Aeries Software. This information will be used to help improve the system and to identify error trends.
System-wideSystem Usage Metrics has been enhanced to only use the https protocol.
Various PagesMany fields have been updated to display school year as a range instead of a single year.
Student DemographicsThe Status bar on this page will limit analyzing students in the Inactive School (based on the Rollover Settings page), only giving an "Active student in the Inactive School" warning for these students.
Scheduling Reject Analysis Listing reportTK and K grade labels have now been added to the report replacing -1 and 0.
504 PlanTeachers can now print 504 Plans if they have read permission to the FOF table.
Elementary TranscriptsSince the 02/05/2019 release, this report failed to run when printed from the Standards Based History Page, fixed. Also, this report will now render the "No Data" error when no data is available.
CCI Indicator Summary (BETA)This page was giving errors if there were no MST records in the school or if academic course types existed in CTE Pathways Course set or when a pathway had no classes defined, fixed. In addition, the calculation of college courses is now based on term counts rather than credit totals. Also, an issue with CTE credit totals that created too many credits was fixed.
Ed-Fi BetaA "Student School Combination" entity has been implemented in Aeries. This is to handle the dependencies between schools, students, and student school associations. Also, many enhancements and issues have been addressed in this release.
FinancialsThe Financials form did not accept payment transactions when the balance was zero, fixed. Also, no transactions were displayed when there was a deleted course with a blank course number, fixed. Also, users can now delete a charged transaction that has no associated payments. Also, under certain conditions, the Auto Sync feature from the nightly process could disassociate a payment from specific charges, fixed.
HomeThe Calendar Events window has been adjusted for better usability.
Custom TablesSince the 3/29 update, fields with blank values were displaying in read mode, fixed.

Our district is having now a lot of Attendance Audit Listing errors on students that were not enrolled.  

That may be due to those students still having Course Attendance (CAR) records that need to be deleted.

Will the LAC.USS field be highlighted as state reporting in demographics?

Good catch, Shelley.  That appears to be an oversight.  I'll have a programmer look into that.

Thank you Cam.  We are trying to figure out how to handle it for our pre-k students.  We have that field as a required field since the majority of our student do require it. Do you know if there is a plan to make this field not show for students under the age of 4 for CALPADS?  Or do you have a recommendation on how to handle this?

We do not normally hide or adjust the "required" status depending on student age or grade level.  Sometimes, but not normally.  We don't have any plans for this field right now.

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