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Viewing "Report Cards" in Aeries Mobile App

Does anyone out there have parents who can view both grades (gradebook) and "report cards" in the Aeries mobile app?  Currently our district gives parents access to the "Grades" where they can view teachers grades and assignments, but not report cards.   Our parents can only view report cards on the web version for Aeries.  We want to give access to report cards on the Aeries Mobile App.  Thank you!

You may want to check out our Report Card History feature. This allows students to view the PDF report card in the app or in the portal. Here is additional information: 

Hi Kevin, Our parents were able to view report cards only in the portal. This is even before RCH was enabled. Our concern is our parents cannot access report cards at all in the app. We want to allow parents to access the grade book, with assignments (which they can) along with report cards (they cannot) in the mobile app.

Does anyone know if it's even possible to view standards based grades through the Aeries Mobile App?  Is it possible to view report cards through the Aeries Mobile App? 

Yes, you can view both standards based grades, standards based report cards, regular A-F report cards.  These are just settings in the Portal Groups.  

I think it is a good idea to see what they look like before you enable them.  I tried the demo available online at:  and clicked on Admin Portal.  You can look at the set up at both a high school and elementary site and then navigate to:  Manage Parent/Student Accounts.  Click Search and then emulate a parent account and you can see that in the demo they have enabled all aspects of the parent portal and you can see what you want enabled at your school site.

Yes, our parents can view grades, report cards, standards based grades, and CAASPP scores all in the Aeries Parent Portal.    What I'm hoping to see in the future are some of these being viewable in the Aeries Mobile App.   The only thing available for parents right now is viewing gradebooks in the mobile app.   

Again, to Aeries gurus and other districts, if you can view anything other than the gradebooks in the Aeries Mobile App on your smartphone, please let me know and correct me if I'm wrong.  Thanks!

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