Aeries Revision Notes 4/4/2019

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Civil Rights Data CollectionCRDC for the 2017-18 school year has been updated to allow saving of blank values for codes. CRDC settings now automatically roll over and save to the next (2018-19) year. Some districts may have experienced an error with a TOTAL column, fixed. The Create Reset (NS) Extract would not download, fixed. Adjusted calculations for discipline, offenses, harassment/bullying and restraint/seclusion. Also, per CRDC guidance, adjusted the class enrollment counts to apply to the school of primary enrollment at the time of the class. For a detailed list of changes please see
ClassesThe following requirements added on the 3/22 version have been removed: district level user restriction to have access to school in order to view the schedule, the read to CRD (Course Request Packages) permission requirement, and the requirement for a blank Perm Lock definition in the Code table.
Print Grade Report Mark ListingA new option "Print Which Mark" has been added to allow users to print a single mark. This option was added to match the Client report.

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