Information - Civil Rights Data Collection for 2020-21 Administration

The Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) page in Aeries is very complex. We will be updating it in a phased approach over the next several months. This page is intended to notify you of the most recent updates and what functionality they provide, the next series of changes that we will be working on, and any pending issues. 


The Preparation for Civil Rights Reporting article has been updated with information on which Aeries tables and fields will be used to identify each of the Civil Rights data elements. 


This update includes changes to the General Settings tab  

  • removed No Show selection box and now use No Show Setup to determine the No Show codes in each school
  • removed the Next Grade (STU.NG) option from the Retentions selection box and update the logic to only use Retention (RET) records
  • removed the Transitional Kindergarten from the General Settings tab for Texas districts.


  • Before working in the CRDC page please review the CRDC documentation available at Civil Rights Data Collection Resource Center to become familiar with the reporting requirements. The New User Starter Kit, LEA Form and School Form are good documents to start with. Also the Security and Tables for Civil Rights Data Collection  and  Preparation for Civil Rights Reporting  support documents will be helpful at this stage.
  • Please remember to run the CRDC in the 2020-21 (i.e. last school year's) database
  • Schools Tab - at this time the schools that will be included in the 2020-21 CRDC can be selected and the NCES numbers can be added
  • General Settings - Reporting Dates - enter the Fall, Spring, Special Ed, Fall End and Spring End reporting dates. Please click on the i (Info) button to learn which dates are recommended by the CRDC. 
  • General Settings - User-Defined Codes & Locations, Retention Codes,  Single-Sex Academic Class Definition and Transitional Kindergarten (TK) Counted As (California only) areas can be set up.
  • Courses - Subject Areas/Department - these areas can be set up. They will help limit the courses listed in the Courses tab. Please keep in mind that this page will be modified slightly. See Next Updates section below.
  • Courses - Courses - courses can be selected for each of the categories. Please note that we have had requests to include additional filtering options to make this page easier to use. See Next Updates section below.
  • Codes - Certified Teachers - we will be modifying how the Certified Teachers are identified. Please do not populate the Staff Highly Qualified Areas (STH) table with updated information for the 2020-21 reporting period. Please use the Staff Credentials (STC) table to identify the certified teachers in Algebra, Mathematics, Science and Computer Science.
  • Results - Process Civil Rights Data - this button can be run for purposes of reviewing Overall Student Enrollment counts, program counts and enrollment course counts in the Results tab. Please note that the extract in the File Download area has not been updated for the 2020-21 reporting period. 
  • Victims - there is a new, optional for 2020-21,  reporting  category of Allegations of Harassment or Bullying – By Religion Type. If districts wish to report this information they will need to update any 2020-21 Victim records that are flagged as Basis of Religion with the Religion Type. Since Rollover has already occurred, to ensure that the data is also in the 2021-22 school year districts will need to update both school years.

Next Updates

  • Update the logic to use the Staff Credentials (STC) table to determine the count of teachers certified to teach Algebra I, Mathematics, Science and Computer Science.  See  Preparation for Civil Rights Reporting for more information. 
  • Courses - Subject Area and Department tabs - remove the Foreign Language and the Math & Science selection boxes. Add a selection box for Computer Science. Update the header of the English/Reading selection box to English/Reading/Language Arts.
  • Courses - Courses tab - Add a Computer Science and an AP Computer Science selection box. Add a filter to each of the selection boxes to allow for filtering the box by either State Course Code (CRS.C3) for California districts, or by Service ID (CRS.SVC) for Texas districts.
  • Update the logic to use a Master Schedule User (MST.U1 - MST.U8) to identify block schedule classes. See  Preparation for Civil Rights Reporting for more information.
  • Codes - streamline data entry on this page.  See  Preparation for Civil Rights Reporting for more information. 

Pending Issues

  • We are reviewing how to determine Algebra I completion in Texas schools


This  update corrected the issue with the Texas single race code counts.  Aeries Revision Notes 9/13/2021.  

The first set of updates for the 2020-21 Civil Rights Data Collection reporting were released on 8/10/2021 (Aeries Revision Notes 8/10/2021). These updates include the following modifications:
  1. Text and links on the CRDC pages have been updated to reflect the 2020-21 school year
  2. Victims -  A new field has been added to this page for Civil Right Data Collection to select a student's religion type when the Basis of Harassment - Religion is selected. Reporting the Religion Type is optional for the 2020-21 CRDC administration, but may be required for future administrations.

Prior to 8/11/2021

The Office of Civil Rights has received approval to conduct the Civil Rights Data Collection for the 2020-21 school year. We are currently reviewing the School and LEA Survey Forms to see what changes were made for the 2020-21 collection. Preliminary information indicates that the data collection process will begin in the winter of 2022. More information regarding the requirements and reporting timeline can be found at:

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