Known Issue - Civil Rights Data Collection

Known Issue 4/16/2019:

1. The CRDC extract is not saving the Algebra I Enrollment Grade 8 Indicator, the Student Enrollment in Algebra I in Grade 8 counts and the Grade 8 Students who Passed Algebra I counts in the extract file. 

2. The following information was posted on the Civil Rights Partner Support Center site on 4/17/2019:

The 2017-18 CRDC Has been Extended for Two Weeks

Due to the extremely high volume of data submissions, OCR has granted all districts who have not yet certified their data a two-week extension from your LEA's original due date

The 4/11/2019 Aeries Web update included these enhancements and updates: 

1. CRDC Extract for the 2017-18 school year has been updated to better accommodate Skip logic for schools with no preschool. 

2. Sections with Expulsion with/without Ed Services using multiple codes including the ADS table in some cases was including students that were not expelled, fixed. 

3. OFFN-1 Section had the potential to show 0 if not all codes were mapped, fixed. 

4. Days Suspended has been enhanced to avoid potential rounding errors.

The 4/4/2019 Aeries Web update included these enhancements and updates:

1. The CRDC options (DPT) and NCES numbers (LOC.NDS) are now saved to the next year (2018-19) database upon page load, or upon page Save. This is to ensure that the setup will roll forward into next year's database.

2. Blank code values can now be selected and saved on the Codes page.

3. We are now including Legal Gender (LSI.GN) to determine the Male/Female counts.

4. Some districts were getting a "Column 'TOTAL' does not belong to table" error in the completion email and the extract was not generating, fixed.

5.  The Create Reset (NS) Extract link was not downloading the NS Extract file, fixed.

6. Adjusted date logic for certain discipline calculations that determine if the student was with or without a disability at the time of the suspension/expulsion/incident. (DISC-7b/9b, DISC-7c/9c, HIBS 2a/2b/2c,RSTR-3)

7. Retention counts included delete-tagged records (RETN-2 GRK through RETN-2 GR12)

8. Adjusted logic for Offenses (OFFN-1) to count unique instances based on Incident ID (ADS.IID).

9. We recently received confirmation from the CRDC Partner Support Center that the student enrollment counts and class counts need to be applied to the student's primary enrollment school, not the school where they took the course. This will affect counts for concurrent enrollment students that were taking a math or science course in the concurrent enrollment school on the Fall Reporting Date or taking an Algebra I course in the concurrent enrollment school at the end of the school year (or end of terms if MST.BL > 1). 


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