Aeries Revision Notes 3/22/2019

Page / ReportComment
Test SettingsThis page has been updated to have the new Condition Codes category.
CAASPP Export FilesThis page has been updated with the new Condition Codes export.
Physical Fitness ExtractThe extract now supports the NonBinary Gender value in the Gender field. Also, the extract now supports the SPRG19 Testing Administration.
ImmunizationsAn additional Meningococcal Meningitis MCV4 field (IMM.MC2) has been added to the Immunizations page, the Immunization Card report, the Medical Profile report, and to Query.
Language AssessmentA new "Calculate Years" button has been added to calculate years in program.
Student Picture Status reportThis report is now available in Aeries Web, converted from the Aeries Client. The report honors KEEP/SKIP queries, has an option to include inactive students, and supports Report Tagging.
Aeries NavigationThe following pages have been renamed: Classes to Classes - Old, Classes New to Classes, Course Requests / Schedule (New) to Course Requests / Schedule, Course Requests (New) to Course Requests, Individualized Academic Plan to Academic Plan - Old, Individualized Academic Plan (New) to Academic Plan, Staff Old to Staff - Old. Also, the following pages have been removed: Course Requests / Schedule and Course Requests (the "old" versions).
Parent Portal ClassesThe old version of this page has been replaced with the new version.
Attendance ManagementThe correspondence language (STU.CL) and (CON.CL) fields have been added to the Contacts popup. Also, if a student is primarily enrolled at two schools, attendance could not be recorded, fixed. Also, Student Search was not allowing a single space delimiter, fixed. Also, the flag comment was not displayed when the comment contained an apostrophe, fixed.
Quick CONContacts' correspondence languages (CON.CL) have been added to the Quick CON popup window throughout the system.
Academic PlanAdditional delete buttons have been added to allow users to delete an entire row or column of academic plan course requests.
Student DemographicsThe Status bar on this page when a student has an Attendance Audit error will now display near the top of the page for more visibility. Also, minor visual adjustments have been made to this page such as encapsulating the Summer Withdrawal fields and End of Year fields independently and displaying the code description for End of Year Status and Completion Status fields when in read-mode.
Student DemographicsThis page now includes an Elementary Counselor field that can be populated separately from the existing Teacher (STU.CU) field for Elementary schools. It is not currently used anywhere else in Aeries and is for reference-purposes only at this time.
Standards Based InputThe Comments tab on this page has been adjusted so that the dropdown list of pre-defined values is now wider. This will better fit codes without requiring a horizontal scrollbar.
Scheduling Master ScheduleWhen a Teacher is added to a section, the Room field is now updated.
OneRoster APIThe Aeries OneRoster API has been adjusted to work better with HMH and other vendors. This involved adjusting how empty data sets were returned.

OneRoster APIAdjustments to the Aeries OneRoster API have been made to improve how we interact with many LMS products like Canvas and Schoology. When adding new assignments to the gradebook, the assignment will now only be created in the specified gradebook, and not copied to other linked gradebooks. Also, the classes endpoint was including inactive courses, fixed.

Aeries Code Sets APIThe code set for Student Gender can now be requested. Also, inactivated codes were never returned, fixed. Also, user-defined codes will now be combined with fixed (hard-coded) codes to ensure that the complete code set is returned.
Ed-Fi BetaStudent Grade, Course Transcript, and Academic Record Ed-Fi entities have been implemented in Aeries. These areas are available on the Ed-Fi Test page. Also, the Ed-Fi Test page has a new feature to be able to search by UniqueId.
Aeries Mobile Portal AppThe current datetime (PWA.CDT), current IP (PWA.CIP) and last IP (PWA.LIP) will now be updated when parents or students log onto the Aeries Mobile Portal app.

Contacts and Parent Data ConfirmationThe Email Address fields and the additional contact fields on these pages have been adjusted to allow a maximum of 255 characters in each field.
Financial Payment Listing reportThis report will now display a "No Information" message when no information is available to print.
Financial TransactionsThe Financial Transactions page now allows printing of the 1098-T tax form on the Reports button for users with permission to view Encrypted Student Data (ESD) and Legal Student Info (LSI) tables.
Testing ExclusionsWhen adding or editing an item, there are now drop-downs for Test ID and Test Part.
Elementary Transcript reportAn option to print inactive students has been added to this report. Also, the report options page has been redesigned.
CSF Eligibility ReportThis report now displays student ID instead of SN. Slight adjustments have been made to the labels and fields and the eligibility message has been changed to "Eligible." Also, the student selection menu will conform to keep and skip and an error preventing individual student selection from this menu has been fixed. Also, a more descriptive error message will be returned when running this report when no data is available.
QueryMany more fields that use Fixed Codes will have the ability to display Code Value Descriptions from Query.
Various PagesThe logic to get the previous or next school day based on a given date would use the District calendar when logged into the District, rather than the current student's school calendar, fixed. This impacted the following areas: Student Demographics - "Update Attendance" button, Master Schedule - "Copy Section" button, Teachers - "Copy Teacher" button (Elem w/MST schools), and Discipline - Administrative Action Days calculation.
Parent/Student PortalUsers with read permission to FTS but not FTD encountered an error, fixed.

StaffWhen linking from another page to the Staff page, the user list was not updating correctly. fixed. Also, on the old Staff page the tab contents were not properly updating between searches, fixed.
School of Choice RequestsThe School of Choice Request Type windows and Date Submitted fields were being updated on subsequent modifications to the request, fixed. Also, emails were still being sent out to students in the School of Choice Management page if they had logins to the Aeries Portal, fixed.
Career Pathways Mass Add EventsThe Outcomes Date field (OD) was missing when adding or modifying an outcome, fixed.
ClassesUnder certain circumstances, courses tagged as inactive for next year could not be added to a schedule, fixed. Also, this page is now available again at the district level. Also, a school dropdown is now available in edit mode to support students registered in multiple schools when this page is accessed at the district level.
InstallerFor districts hosting their own Aeries installations, a new version of the Aeries updater has been released with the following enhancements:
(1) Now targets .NET 4.5.2

(2) Now requires running as admin and alerts the user if they are not running as admin

(3) Removes ABI Advanced Reports Tab

(4) Updates branding to remove the old Aeries.Net wording and makes use of new Aeries A icon

(5) The ini file it now being stored in the user’s AppData folder.

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