Known Issue - Civil Rights Data Collection Updates - Fixed 3/29/2019

We are working to release the non-Beta version of the Civil Rights Data Collection as soon as possible.

The next version of the Civil Rights Data Collection will include updates to the following areas:

1.  General Settings  - LEP - adding Multi-select capability to the LEP User-defined codes for districts that use more than Limited English code value.

2.  Results  - adding additional notification messages to inform the customer at what stage the processing is at. Upon page refresh the message will either state that,,,

 the CRDC is currently being processed,   

the results are ready for review and the export is being generated

or the extract has completed. Once the extract has been created the Process button will be available again.

3.  Results  - while the Civil Rights Data is processing the Process button will be hidden and replaced with the notification messages described above. This is to eliminate the issue of the data being processed multiple times before completion and creating duplicate primary key errors.

4.  Results  - Export to Excel - has been enhanced to better handle large record counts

5.  Results  - CRDC Extract - We are expecting the CRDC Extract to be available in the next release. Also the NS Extract will be available. The NS Extract will allow LEA's to wipe out all of uploaded data for one or more NCES (school) records from the CRDC extract in the event that erroneous data is uploaded. 

6.  Results  - Adding more tables to the Results including DISC-4, DISC-5 - Preschool Corporal Punishment  and DISC-6 - Instances of Corporal Punishment

7.  Calculations  - ENRL - 2a, 2b  - English Learner Counts - a slight modification has been made to the calculations

8.  Upon feedback from customers and researching further with the Civil Rights Resource Center, we will be making a modification to the course enrollment tables. In the case of Concurrent Enrollment students that are taking an Algebra I, Math, Science or AP course in their Secondary Enrollment school, the student's course enrollment will be counted in the school where they take the course. This change will only affect the count for the Concurrent Enrollment students or students with a STU.HS > 0. The affected tables are: COUR-1a through COUR-14, APIB-2 through APIB-12, and EXAM-2a and EXAM-2b.

9.  Reviewing/updating all calculations from Retentions through Restraint/Seclusion.

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Thank you for all your hard work on the Aeries CRDC Collection!!

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Thanks for the update!  I just reported an error Ticket #115100 I found to Aeries Support.

We use the "compare STU.NG to STU.GR" method for determining retentions. Some of the students selected are inactive, which is inflating the numbers. Also inflating the numbers is TK advancing to K being counted as retained, most likely because we have chosen "treat TK as K" rather than "treat TK as PS". I'm guessing that the CRDC process sees "STU.GR = TK (K)" and "STU.NG = K" as a retention when it's not.

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