Aeries Revision Notes 3/13/2019

FinancialsAeries Financials is now available to all customers for basic fee and payment recording. A license for Aeries Financials is required to utilize the online payment portal feature with Livingtree. For more information contact
Enrollment by Teacher reportThis report is now available for secondary schools as Enrollment by Counselor
Students Absent or Tardy Today reportEnhancements to this report include: daily attendance schools can print the wide version, period attendance schools can limit to only show specified periods, tardies can be printed on the wide version, and both absences and tardies can be printed on a single report. Also, student numbers on the report have been replaced by student IDs.
Create Pre-Enrolled StudentsThis page will no longer offer the option to "Add Students where they already exist". Instead, the process will search for existing copies of each student in the next school and only add new records if an existing record doesn't already exist. An inactive copy of the student will be made pre-enrolled and their grade and next grade updated according to the school they are coming from. Active and pre-enrolled copies of students in their next school will not be modified in an effort to reduce the number of duplicate student records in Aeries.
Civil Rights Data CollectionThe Beta version of the Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) for the 2017-18 school year has been updated to include fixes for various sections and functionality. This page is currently available as a "BETA." Districts may evaluate the results and provide feedback. Please see the following forum post for a list of changes included in this update:
Updated Civil Rights documentation can be found at:
EESD-9600 ReportThis report was incorrectly calculating income eligibility, fixed.
CDD801a ExtractThis extract was incorrectly calculating income eligibility, fixed.
Golden State Seal Merit DiplomaThis page previously did not support updating records from multiple users, fixed. Also, selecting and de-selecting the “Qualifies?” option when viewing qualifying students was not saving, fixed. Also, RTG records were deleted for non-qualifying students after selecting save or print when viewing qualifying students only, fixed.
SecuritySchool Access permissions were not saving correctly under certain circumstances, fixed.
Supplemental Attendance Sessions and ProgramsOn both pages, various input length values have been updated. Also, the Grd Rptg Teacher list, the Linked Teacher list, and the Calendar(ATC) section have been widened on the Supplemental Attendance Sessions page.
Academic Plan Course OptionsThe screen was showing some courses in duplicates, fixed. The enrollments counts were displaying incorrectly, fixed.
Graduation Status DashboardThe permissions were modified to allow users without Read access to TCH to use the number links to list students.
Academic Plan Status WidgetThe Keep queries used in the widget were modified to handle cases where school does not have current window dates. In addition, the results are not properly filtered by counselor.
Student Academic PlanThis page now requires APC permission to show in parent navigation.
Master ScheduleWhen printing by course and period, this report would cut the course ID value short if it was longer than 5 characters.
Student Locator CardWhen printing 1 per student and 2 locators per page or 2 per student and 2 locators per page, the Student Locator Card report would display overlapping fields, fixed.
Student Emergency CardThis report would incorrectly print the grade and gender value for the following student on a students second page of information, fixed.
Parent Data ConfirmationAfter final data confirmation, Parent changes to authorizations and medical history were not saving, fixed. The teacher / counselor field is now hidden during Parent Data Confirmation lockout.
Weekly Progress EmailsUnder certain circumstances Weekly Progress Emails would not be sent through Aeries Communications, fixed.
System StabilityAdjustments have been made to improve system performance.
School Of ChoiceWhen adding a new student from the parent portal, the dropdown now supports nonbinary gender.
QueryWhen running a KEEP or SKIP query, gender (GN) is now displayed instead of sex (SX).
Student DemographicsThe gender dropdown displayed on the Student Demographics page can now be sorted via the Update Code Table form.
Student Check Out / Staff Check OutIncorrect message was displaying when the user checked out an asset, fixed.
QueryThe EMP table can now be joined to the ISP table so that Employer data can be included together with Internship data.
Aeries Staff APIPerformance improvements were made to the Get Staff endpoint.
College Eligibility RequirementsIn some cases the UC/CSU eligibility reports show inconsistent results compared to the College Entrance Requirement page, fixed.
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