Known Issue - Civil Rights Data Collection Updates - Fixed 3/13/2019

The 3/13/2019 version of the Civil Rights Data Collection includes updates to the following areas:

1. General Settings - Adding a Transitional Kindergarten (TK) Counted as  Kindergarten/Preschool  option, defaulted to Kindergarten

2. General Settings - LEP - defaulting Limited English to values for STU.LF based on CALPADS code translation for Language Fluency and any other code already selected.

3. General Settings - Adding support for Table/Field relationships that are not date driven for the alternate 504 Plan and GATE program areas.

4. Courses- Separating the Subject Areas/Departments settings into two settings so both can be entered and saved for the district. This will allow districts where high school courses use Subject Area and middle school courses use Department Code to be set up at the same time.

5. Courses - Updating the Science Courses header to Biology (the courses selected in this table should be the Biology courses)

6. Codes - Other Codes - adding in defaults for many codes that are not already populated. Speeding up the interface. Also modifying the User Interface to make it more streamlined and easier to understand. Allowing for multiple codes to be selected from the same table to reduce the number of AND and OR statements.

7. Results - Modifications were made to the following calculations:

    2+ races counts

    Gifted and Talented Student Enrollment

    All Student Enrollment in Course calculations

    All Taught by Certified Teachers calculations

    Student Participation in SAT/ACT

    Student Participation in AP Exams - Students who took AP Exams

    Student Participation in AP Exams - Students who did not take AP Exams

8. Results - updated various headers

9. Results - adjusted the student list to display/export to Excel/KEEP for very large counts.

10. Fixed various processing errors.

11. Requirements - Added an informational note that the Testing Pass Status (TPS) needs to be up-to-date to determine Algebra I Passed counts

NOTE: We are still working on verifying the Retention, Discipline, Offenses, Harassment/Bullying and Restraint/Seclusion calculations as well as the CRDC extract. We expect all of these items will be released in the next update.

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When will the next version be released? Thanks

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It should be in our update tomorrow.  Since we are hosted we get updates on Wednesdays.

Updating CS now & notified IT Director for web.

All of the data from Aeries did not populate into the beta file what should I do?

When will the CRDC flat file be available?

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We use the "compare STU.NG to STU.GR" method for determining retentions. Some of the students selected are inactive, which is inflating the numbers. Also inflating the numbers is TK advancing to K being counted as retained, most likely because we have chosen "treat TK as K" rather than "treat TK as PS". I'm guessing that the CRDC process sees "STU.GR = TK (K)" and "STU.NG = K" as a retention when it's not.

For COUR-1a Grade 7/8 Algebra 1 Classes, can the output be a link so we can identify the specific schools, and their respective # of classes? Thanks.

You can log in to each school to see the results specific to the school.  

NICE! Thank you!

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