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GPAs with SBG (Standards Based Grades)

Hello -

How can a school/district calculate GPAs when using Standards Based Grades?  It is impossible without using Grade Reporting?  Many teachers also use Gradebook, and I would wish that could align to create a GPA in some fashion.  All Final Marks are set with GPA point values and calculation rules, so it seems that an overall SBG-based GPA shouldn't be impossible, even if it is a lot weirder than a Grade Reporting-based one.  Does anyone know this?  I've been reading all over to find the solution without luck.  


Hi Nick, 

We are also a K-8 district, but we do a letter grade and standards based grades for our 4-8 students.

In order to run our GPA report because we are a standards based grade format, we run a query of the letter grades and generate a pivot table to get the average of the 4 core subjects. You can not run it in the grade reporting screen because the data is not there.

Thanks!  I've been thinking of doing the same thing as a workaround.  Is there any easy way to re-import that calculated GPA back into Aeries somewhere so it can become a part of the student's record for term-to-term comparisons?

We haven't put it back into aeries. We keep a google drive sheet with the information so we can compare semester to semester.

Good Luck!

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