Aeries Revision Notes 2/19/2019

State Test Score ReportsThis page is now being released for all the districts. The page retrieves the state tests scores that TOMS has made available (CAASPP, ELPAC) as a .PDF file. This page is also available from the Parent Portal. To be able to access the test information, a username and key have to be requested from TOMS and entered into Aeries in the School Options page at the district level. In special cases, such as a single database holding several schools, each one being its own LEA, the keys will need to be entered at the school level. Language Assessment - A dropdown has been added to this page to show/download the ELPAC Electronic Test Scores. This dropdown will only be visible if the user has permission to State Score Reports.
Early Childhood DevelopmentEESD-9600 report now supports 4 digit zip code extensions. FIPS code is now a drop-down list and values may be added via the COD table. EESD-9600 report will now never include an attached PDF in email. A new funding type field has been added to specify methods of funding other than by the state, a non-blank value in this field will also indicate that the student will not be included in the 801a extract.
Early Childhood Development SetupVendor code is now configurable.
CDD801a ExtractCertain eligible inactive students would not be extracted, fixed.
Online Enrollment ImportAdded support for the new Pre-School (Age 3+) Entry Date field coming in from Online Enrollment, as well as support for additional gender codes. Also, new options to the Online Enrollment admin page have been added to turn off fields related to national origin such as Birthplace, US Enter Date, and CA School Enter Dates. After applying the 2/15 Online Enrollment update, these options will default to off which will hide the fields from parents. The settings may be adjusted on the Online Enrollment admin page.
System-wideCaching enhancements have been made to several areas to ensure unique cache names and improve performance.
Financial Accounting CodesThis page now allows defining accounting codes by Course Fee Types in addition to Financial Transaction Codes.
Civil Rights Data CollectionThe Beta version of the Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) for the 2017-18 school year has been updated to include the remaining sections and functionality. Also, some users experienced a primary key error when processing, fixed. This page is currently available as a "BETA." Districts may evaluate the results and provide feedback.
Assertive DisciplineThis page will now round-up partial Days towards the calculation of End Date and Return Date within an Administrative Decision. For example, "1.4" Days with a Monday Start Date will now set the End Date to Tuesday and Return Date to Wednesday (instead of End Date Monday and Return Date Tuesday).
Attendance Audit Listing reportThis report includes a new audit message for "TK Student 5 Years or older by Today flagged to bypass ADA" for students who turned 5 between December 2nd and today. According to the CDE, these students are eligible to receive funding as of their birthday. This change also applies to the Status area of the Student Demographics page.
Academic Plan Course SequencesRemoving a course from the sequence by picking "none" was not working, fixed.
Hourly Attendance reportIf a student was previously enrolled in the school and re-enrolled, the report did not denote a GAIN status for the student
Students With Perfect AttendanceSince the 1/30/2019 update, the Report Tag (RTG.QT) was not updating when this report was run, fixed.
Daily Attendance Report and English Language Class PercentageThese reports have been updated to run at the district level. Users can also now filter from a list of schools to be included in their report when run from the District level.
Standards Based HistoryUsers were unable to change Standards Based History mark if the standard had a Mark Type value that was more than 1 character in length, fixed.
Financial TransactionsUsers were unable to bring up the details for pending transactions, fixed.
Student ProfileThis page encountered an error for students who had a financial summary record (FTS) but no financial transactions records (FTD), fixed.
Aeries AnalyticsWhen the option to "Calculate Attendance History Through Current Day" was enabled and a student moved in and / or out of a program in the middle of a school year, the Attendance Percentage indicators could calculate incorrect attendance percentages for those students, fixed.
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