Aeries Revision Notes 2/8/2019

Attendance   LettersA new District Attendance Letter feature is now available as a "Beta" feature.  Districts are encouraged to evaluate this new feature of Aeries and consider using it in the 19-20 school year.  This feature is meant to generate batches of letters at the district level, and allow school sites to confirm those letters before they are sent out.  One of the benefits of centering letters around the district will be that these letters will have the capability of tracking attendance from multiple schools within the district.  Also, district attendance letters will be able to be sent via Aeries Communications, email, or by printing out the letters.  

For further information on this new feature:
District SettingsA new option Disable School Based Attendance Letters has been added, which will remove the school based attendance letter feature so that the district letters feature can be used in its place.
Student AttendanceWhen school based letters are disabled, a district letter log will now display on the student attendance page to inform users of these important parent   communications.  Also, when school based letters are disabled, a new option to Exclude the student from Attendance Letters will be available.
Summer School Course RequestsMultiple classes with the same Course ID are now allowed in a Summer School Term.

FinancialsA few improvements were added to the Financials page and also to the   Parent/Student Portal.  (1) The look and feel in certain areas were improved.    (2) The Amount Paid column shows blank for payment transactions instead of showing zero.  (3) Charged transactions that were fully paid now show as Paid instead Completed.  (4) The transaction details popup now shows only the fields that are related to the transaction.

Civil Rights Data CollectionThe Beta version of the Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) for the   2017-18 school year has been updated to include more sections and functionality.  Also, some users experienced an error when running this page, fixed.  This page is currently available as a "BETA".  Districts may evaluate the results and provide feedback.
Report Card History and Secondary Standards Based Report CardsThese reports now honor KEEP/SKIP queries.

School of Choice ManagementThis page now supports sending large amounts of emails without any issues.  Also, the parent name and email fields have been added for filtering the grid, and a "Full Contact List" button has also been added to each record.    Also, when parents attempt to add a new student record, they will not be allowed to continue if name and birthdate data matches an existing active   student.  Also, the email to parents was also emailing the student email address, fixed. Also, a custom email address can now be defined on the School of Choice Options page.
Aeries Staff APIAdditional fields have been added to the Aeries Staff API to improve the interface between Aeries and Escape.

Export Test SettingsThe Version Date on this page has been updated to match the actual functionality that was already available.
Avery 5160 LabelsThis report now has the option to sort students alphabetically.
Transcript DefinitionsThe option to "Expand Student Name" now applies to the Student ID   instead of the Student Number, which was removed from this report with the 1/30/2019 version.
Physical Fitness TestsThis page will now properly bypass calculating of VO2Max and Percentage Body Fat from Skinfold values for Nonbinary Gender students since there are no standards for students who identify as nonbinary.
Special EducationAdditional fields from the "old" form have been added to the new form.  Also, the most recent state of the expanded "More Info" sections will be remembered for each user.  Also, the "More Info" link will no longer display if there is nothing to show in the expanded sections for the current record.  Also, new fields have been added to support the needs of Texas Districts.  These new fields will not be displayed to districts outside Texas.

Login BackgroundsAdditional protections have been put in place to reduce the likelihood of an internal error that would result in a user seeing the default Aeries Login   Background.

Ed-Fi BETAAeries is working to support the Ed-Fi data standard for systems   interoperability.  Early Adopter Districts are now testing this functionality and using the new pages flagged as "BETA".
Master ScheduleWhen using the "Copy" process to move students to a new section, if the   course was changed in the new section, the old course ID would still be   stored in the student's SEC record, fixed.

Student Contacts reportThis report was printing the student address and telephone for all contacts that did not have those values, fixed.

GradebookThe gradebooks in the dropdown menu were not being sorted correctly, fixed.

CalendarTeachers were unable to add an event in the home page. Also the Event Scope and Association fields in the add event popup window were not functioning, fixed.

Aeries Mobile Portal AppUsers with a very long email address or password were unable to log in. Also, certain Apple devices encountered a JSON message when attempting to log in with an invalid password, fixed.

Grade Report Cards on Plain PaperThese reports were resulting in an error since the 1/30/2019 version when using the "Mail Info At Top" option, fixed.
Student Transcripts reportThe Grade label at the top of this report had the potential to overlap other   labels since the 1/30/2019 version, fixed.  Also, this report was resulting in an error when "Print Student Legal Name" was selected since the 1/30/2019 version, fixed.
Class Period Absence Summary report This report was resulting in an error since the 1/30/2019 version, fixed.
Physical Fitness by Teacher / Teacher PFTThis page has been giving "no students in this class" errors since the   1/30/2019 version even when students exist, fixed.  Also, the "Print Roster" report now honors the Gender selection, including Nonbinary.
Physical Fitness reportsVarious fitness reports would have considered a Nonbinary student as "Male" for calculations of VO2Max and Percentage Body Fat from Skinfold values, fixed.  These values will now be zero since there are no standards for students who identify as nonbinary.
NavigationUnder certain circumstances, a Custom Table page would not display in the   navigation menu even though the user had permission, fixed.

CALPADS ExtractsThe Student Information extract (SINF) has been adjusted.  If the STU.GN (previously STU.SX) field is populated with a non-binary gender code, the SINF extract will now extract from the Legal Student Information (LSI) table . Because the non-binary gender is not yet supported by CALPADS, the Legal Student Information (LSI) table must be populated with the traditional gender codes (M or F) if STU.GN has a non-binary gender code.

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