Aeries Revision Notes 1/30/2019

Student GenderCalifornia's SB-179 (the Gender Recognition Act) was signed into law ( officially recognizing "nonbinary" as a legal gender in California.  Aeries now supports tracking and managing student genders beyond the traditional "Male" and "Female" values.  "Nonbinary" (code "N") is now a valid value in Aeries and additional values can be added by adjusting the Code Table for the new STU.GN field.  The STU.SX field is still in the Aeries database, but it is recommended that districts who pull data directly from the Aeries database switch to use the STU.GN field instead.  STU.SX should always match the value in STU.GN as every time STU.GN is edited, the same value is automatically pushed to the STU.SX field.  All reports and pages throughout Aeries have been adjusted to change from displaying "Sex" to "Gender" with various shortened versions like "Gndr" depending on the space allowed.  At this time, CALPADS does not yet support nonbinary gender values so students with a nonbinary gender need to still have a Legal Gender populated of either M or F.
Parent Portal and ReportsStudent Gender is no longer displayed in the Aeries Parent Portal and on many reports designed to be sent home to parents.  This information was found to add no value to the system and its absence will serve to protect students who may have a gender identity different than that which the student's parents wish for them.
SchedulingSupport for totaling nonbinary gender students has been added throughout the scheduling system.
CCI Indicator SummaryAeries Introduces the Student CCI Summary Page to help schools analyze students' likelihood of completing each measure and sub-measure under California College / Career Readiness Indicators. The page displays potential overall CCI Status and displays guiding information to users for each data point for better understanding of underlying data.
District SettingsA new setting to "Calculate course completion statuses in CCI Screen using academic plan" has been added to the page for student CCI Status calculation. 
Various ReportsMany reports throughout the system have been updated to display Student ID (STU.ID) instead of Student Number (STU.SN) where space allowed.
Login BackgroundsAll login background images are now served from a cloud storage service rather than from the local Aeries site.  This will benefit the bandwidth usage in the Aeries Hosted Environment and will also mean a much smaller Aeries update file for system administrators to download and unzip.  As a fail-over, there is now a single, default background image with the Aeries logo that will display in the event that the cloud-hosted image configuration file cannot be downloaded.  If users consistently (not just intermittently) see the default background image, please contact Aeries support, as there may be firewall and/or web server configuration changes required.
Student Transcripts reportThe Things to Print section of this report had the potential to not include all SAT II records if a student took the sub tests on different days, fixed.  This report now honors the new options to "Hide Course IDs on the Transcript" and "Print Subject Area (S1) instead of Crs ID".
Transcript DefinitionsThis page now includes a new set of options to "Hide Course IDs on the Transcript", and when selected also "Print Subject Area (S1) instead of Crs ID".  The Terms tab will now display term zero first rather than last, since that is the order in which terms print on the transcript report.  Also, a warning has been added to this page: "Changes may not take effect for up to 5 minutes due to caching."
FinancialsA new sandbox feature has been added to the School Options page.  This option allows Districts to configure Financials to use Livingtree's sandbox server instead the production server.  When testing Financials, it is recommended that Districts use a sandbox database with this new option turned on instead of testing in the production database.
CoursesThe Courses page now allows a Cost of Course (CRS.CC) to be stored under the "Other" tab.  This new field is only for informational purposes.  No logic is currently associated with this field.  Also, the Course Fees (CRF) tab now includes a calculated total.
State Reporting Field HighlightsHighlight State Reporting Fields logic will now display quicker for users not using IE or Edge.  Also, the Transcripts page had been highlighting the Graduation Track as a required field for Parent, Student and Teacher accounts since the 12/12/2018 update, fixed.
Records Transfer ConfigA new feature has been added to allow LEAs which have multiple Aeries instances to forward records transfer requests to those separate instances.  URL forwarding and key syncing are now available from this page.  The Auth Code option has been removed from this page and remains on the school options page.
School OptionsA new option has been added to set up a Public CDS or Unique District identifier, which will be used to register districts without CDS codes into the Aeries Public Directory.  A new "Test Settings" button has been added to test various parts of the Records Transfer / Mobile App setup.
Records TransferThe CDS code for the district will now automatically fill in the 0's up to the correct 14 character code if they are not populated.  Inbound and Outbound requests are now paginated and sorted by the most recent status.
Career Pathways DashboardA new filter has been added to only display pathways that have defined courses.
Career PathwaysA section has been added which lists past and current courses for the student within the currently selected pathway.  A few user interface enhancements were also made to this page.
Daily Enrollment by Section reportThis report is now available in Aeries Web, converted from the Aeries Client.  Additionally, this report is available for teachers to run with appropriate permissions.
Daily Present by Section reportTeachers are now able to print this report.  Additionally, this report has been modified to evaluate absence codes in the All Day field for Elementary with Master Schedule type schools.  Also, this report now runs significantly faster and more efficiently. 
Aeries Mobile Portal AppParents and students who logged into elementary schools without GBS Read permission were not able to see their Grades, also they were not able to log in if one of their students was in a school that did not have parent group permissions to any tables, fixed.
District Assets Student Check-OutThis page has been modified to support the selection of students from selected classes.  By clicking the new "Lookup by Class" option, the page will open up a filter option from a section selection control, where you can select a group of sections.  The "Load Students" button will then load the list of students which can be selected instead of needing to scan student ID cards to be ready to check out items.
Update Code TableThis page now displays the current fixed codes for the selected table and field.
Content Standards ScoresThis page has been adjusted to work like the Test Scores page: the grid can now be filtered by test id/part and has an option to group the tests by ID and part.
Aeries Communications - Many Adjustments(1) Announcement Creation - Fixed an issue where the announcement creation view would not close when clicking on a district, school, class or group in the left navigation bar.
(2) Announcement Manager - Users must now select an explicit end-date for all recurring announcements.
(3) Member Listings - Emergency Contacts are now clearly labeled in all member listings, details and reports. Emergency Contacts are only contacted in the case of an announcement and will not be contacted for attendance or any other triggered auto-alerts.
(4) Direct Messages - Emergency Contacts no longer display when using the "Add Guardians" feature for Direct Message conversations.  Also, the placeholder text contained within the Recipients fields now displays contextual guidance for to whom a particular user type may initiate a conversation.  Admin Role: "Enter the name of a student, guardian, teacher, staff, or administrator."  Staff : "Enter the name of a teacher, staff, or administrator."  Teacher: "Enter the name of your student, their guardian(s) or a colleague."  Parent: "Enter the name of your student or their teacher(s)."  Student: "Enter the name of your parent or your teacher(s)."  Also, fixed a bug where attachments within Direct Message email notifications were not displaying a link to the stored file.  Also, fixed a bug where a student would not be able to reply to a direct message initiated by an admin role.
(5) Reporting - Fixed an issue where an incorrect email subject line was appearing in announcement reporting but was correct in the actual emails.
(6) Private Groups - Resolved an issue where a group creator was unable to add additional members if the group members had been previously deleted.
(7) Groups Dashboard - Within the Groups Dashboard, the "Members" column count now includes any Admin members of the group.
(8) Group Details - Within the Groups Detail view, members with numerous connections no longer flow outside of the row.
(9) Social Media - Updated the new Social Media feature to match other search functions in the application to search for users only when more than 3 characters are entered.  Also, an issue has been fixed where the announcement status would not match when the identical announcement was sent to 2 separate Social Media accounts.
(10) Announcement Details - Within the Feed, Announcements no longer display 'viewed' counts in favor of the existing "Viewed" and "Not Viewed" data displayed in the sidebar, accessed by clicking the 'Eyeball' icon below an announcement.
(11) Triggered Announcements - The email subject lines for all district triggered auto-alerts has been adjusted to reflect the type of triggered announcement. EX: Attendance = "An attendance announcement from [group]", Grade = "A grade change announcement from [group]", Lunch Balance = "A lunch balance announcement from [group]".
(12) Announcement CSV Imports - Fixed a bug where CSV announcements were not pulling in language prefs for users and therefore announcement creators were not able to access translations.
(13) Contact Language Preferences - The Aeries contact record's language preference is now used when initializing accounts.  If that value is blank, the student Correspondence Language will be used.
(14) Emails - Email notifications will no longer be classified as 'phishing' by Google mail servers/clients by updating the header information.
(15) Groups - Fixed an issue where the dashboard/Groups/group detail view would be blank after creating a new group.
(16) Announcements - Fixed an issue where the presence of an ampersand (&) would be misinterpreted as code and display as HTML characters.
(17) Feed - Within the Feed, Announcements no longer display 'viewed' counts in favor of the existing "Viewed" and "Not Viewed" data displayed in the sidebar, accessed by clicking the 'Eyeball' icon below an announcement.
(18) Aeries Student Groups - Imported Aeries Student groups will now be assigned the correct group type.
Send EmailsA note has been added to this page to clarify that individual emails are sent to each recipient for privacy reasons.
CNF TableThe CNF table has been renamed from "Conference" to "Counseling" to match the page navigation.  This change affects Query, Security, and Database Definitions.
Student DemographicsUnder the student address, the word "County" has been added to the county name for clarity.
School SettingsOptions that are no longer used are now disabled.
Course Request PacketsAn option to sort course request packets by their Codes, Descriptions, or Grade Levels has been added to the page.
Physical Fitness Test Error reportThis report would generate an error when a certain combination of options was selected, fixed.
Student Assertive Discipline Record reportThis report would always display the comment field even if the option was turned off, fixed.
Student Data Printout reportThis report was not honoring custom phone number labels, fixed.
Student Locator Cards reportSince the 12/14/2018 update, this report's layout was not correct when selecting to hide student information, fixed.
Letter LogThe Student Information header was not displaying after the first page, fixed.
Scheduling Master Schedule Details reportThe Section Filter on the report options page was showing MST instead of SMS sections, fixed.
Test ScoresThe TST.SRC field was only displaying hard-coded values, fixed.
Aeries AnalyticsField Value Ranges indicators that look at STU.GR were not including Kindergartens in the count, fixed. 
Student DemographicsDeleting a student had the potential to give errors when custom tables were defined in the Custom Table Definitions table, fixed.
Query to ExcelThis report was truncating text fields that had line breaks, fixed.
School OptionsSome Texas options were accidentally displaying for CA schools, fixed.

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Is this update being held for fixes?  We are hosted and I am not seeing that we were updated yet. 

Heather, yes, from what I understand, they are waiting for this week's build to correct a few issues that were discovered with last week's build.  The changes to Aeries to support Nonbinary Gender values were extensive and a few items were missed.

- Cam

That's what I figured but I wanted to make sure!  Thanks for the response Cam!

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