Aeries Revision Notes 1/17/2019

Test SettingsThis page has been updated for the CAASPP 2018-19 testing administration.  New codes have been added for Embedded Accommodations, Embedded Designated Supports, and Non-Embedded Designated Supports.
CAASPP Export FilesThis page has been updated for 2018-19 CAASPP.
Civil Rights Data Collection (BETA)This new functionality in Aeries has been converted from the Aeries Client and adjusted to meet current data submission requirements.  It is designed to configure and process the Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) for the 2017-18 school year.  This page is available to work with so that districts may evaluate the results and provide feedback.  The CRDC data submission window does not open until February.
Import TestsSTS, CAST and CAA Science tests are now included as part of the CAASPP 2017-18 import. Test Exceptions for CAST and CAA-Science are also now imported as part of the process.  Also, the PreACT for 2018-19 import is now available.
Test DetailsSTS and CAST levels are now shown on this page.
Student Data AuditThis report has been updated to include new data validation options. The US School Enter Date (LAC.USS) is now validated against the student birth date to verify that is at least 4 years after.  Other validations are: age/grade, multiple (active) FRE records for one student, Inter-District Transfer, and Language Fluency vs CALPADS ELAS code for English-only students.  Also, an option has been added to ignore errors for active students with graduation dates already populated if the end of the school year is 30 days or less.  Also, messages are now categorized as warnings (W) or errors (E).
The County name is now displayed below the student's address on the student demographics page. The county is not editable, and is displayed based on the zip code.
QueryThe following tables with Staff ID fields can now be joined to the STF table in Query: CSV, DIS, HIS, PRI, RFI, SCN, TFL, UGN.
Attendance SlownessFor Alt Ed, Positive, Period Attendance schools, since the 1/4 version of Aeries when updating any ATT record the system would perform slowly while trying to update attendance history.  To correct this issue the logic to update Attendance History totals for period attendance had to be removed.  These numbers will be calculated automatically each night, but not as attendance is entered into Aeries.
Assets Course Listing ReportThe options page for this report was generating an error, fixed.
Edbacker Nightly Process ConfigIn certain circumstances, an error would occur when the Run Now button was clicked, fixed.
Student TranscriptsSince the 1/11/2019 version, all of the GPA values would print if "weighted" was selected regardless of other GPA selections, fixed.
StaffWhen a staff record was deleted, an error was occurring in certain cases. fixed.  Also, the Calculate Time In Service function will now display a message stating "Staff having the current school as their Primary School or Just This One?" to more accurately describe the function.

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