Known Issue - Experiencing Slowness when Submitting Attendance - Fixed 1/17/2019

Fixed 1/17/2019 - Revision Notes:  For Alt Ed, Positive, Period Attendance schools, since the 1/4 version of Aeries when updating any ATT record the system would perform slowly while trying to update attendance history.  To correct this issue the logic to update Attendance History totals for period attendance had to be removed.  These numbers will be calculated automatically each night, but not as attendance is entered into Aeries.

Update - This issue may  impact any page where attendance can be entered in any type of school:ex:  Teacher Attendance, Mass Change Attendance forms, Classroom Attendance

Known Issue - We have had several reports of slowness when teachers are taking attendance in a Period Positive attendance school.  The attendance does get submitted after a delay.

Programming is looking into this now.

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Is there news on the resolution of this issue?  Our continuation school was experiencing this problem.

Thanks, Theresa.

Hi Theresa,

We are working on the fix now and planning on shipping it in the update released later today 1/17/2019.

As a hosted district we get updates on Wednesdays, so we wouldn't get the fix until then correct?

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