Aeries Revision Notes 1/4/2019

Language AssessmentIn accordance with CALPADS, a new field, "US School Ages 3 & Up" is now an available option to capture the first entry into a US school when a Title III Immigrant is at least 3 years old.  This new field is associated to the db column, US3, in the LAC table.  The USS column now refers to first US School entry in K-12.
CALPADS ExtractsSELA extract: when the ELPAC Initial Test Date (LAC.ITD) was after the EL start date (LAC.SD) or after the IFEP start date (LAC.IFD), the student was not being included in the extract, fixed.
Student ProfileThe Attendance Summary information on this page has been adjusted.  Period Attendance Schools will now see "Period Tardies" instead of "Daily Tardies".  Positive, Period Attendance schools will see "Period Absences," "Periods Unexcused," and "Periods Present".  All totals will now not count any attendance information posted for future dates.  Also, Suspensions were not being counted as Absences, fixed.
Student AttendanceThe Attendance Code Summary list has been adjusted so that Suspensions and In-House Suspensions are no longer counted in the Excused and Unexcused Absence Totals.  This now matches logic throughout the rest of Aeries.  This logic change also impacts the Period and Daily Attendance Reports for All Students.  Also, the Term Totals now display "Periods Tardy" instead of "Days Tardy" in period attendance schools.
Student Attendance ReportsDaily Tardy Totals have been replaced with Period Tardies on the Period Attendance reports for single or many students.
AttendanceAt period positive attendance schools, Attendance History period fields are now updated when the Student Attendance page is updated and now support the new Temporarily Not Enrolled absence code.
Attendance HistoryAt period positive attendance schools, support for the "Temporarily Not Enrolled" absence code in period attendance has been added.
Aeries ReportingThe Aeries Reporting Service can now be configured to receive messages from a remote Message Queue.  This will allow multiple Reporting Servers to connect to a centralized Message Queue.  This can improve overall reporting performance and scalability for high usage systems like the Aeries Hosted environment.
Aeries AnalyticsThe Analytics Process is now multi-threaded to increase performance.
Analytics Item DefinitionsThe "Process Current Indicator" button on the Summary Data tab is now being done as a "Long Running Process" in the Aeries Reporting Engine to prevent time-out issues with large districts.
Financial TransactionsUsers can now add a short description when submitting a manual payment.  Also, the item details were not showing on Livingtree after initializing the Payment Portal, and the payment type code was showing instead of the description under the Payment Type column in the transaction table, fixed.
Attendance Summary reportThis report now honors KEEP/SKIP queries to limit the students on this report.
TermsPreviously, changes made at the district level to terms would not save, fixed.  Also, the add term button has been updated to not display when all accepted terms (1-4, F, S, Y) have been entered.
SecurityThe Staff Credentials (STC) table is now only visible for California schools.  Also, the Staff Raw Credentials (STE) table is now hidden for both California and Texas schools.
GradebookWhen a teacher entered a "TX" for a score on a standard, the assignment score (GBS) was populated with "NA" instead of "TX", fixed.
Attendance ManagementOn the Contacts popup, the Work and Mobile Phone Numbers were reversed, fixed.  Also, the Search For Students process stopped if extra spaces were included in the search terms, fixed.  Also, an apostrophe within the student's name fields stopped the Contacts popup and Attendance Notes popup from displaying, fixed.  Also, changing attendance in locked months was allowed without Update permission to DAY, fixed.
Student Locator Cards and Student Schedule Listing reportsThese reports were sometimes generating an error while users were scheduling classes for students, fixed.
TeachersStudent counts were not updating correctly for teacher 0 in Elementary schools not using a master schedule, fixed.
Student TranscriptsUnder certain conditions, districts with students flagged in an excluded graduation track (COD.N1 = 99) would not be able to see class size and rank information for all printouts in a batch, fixed.
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