Known Issue - Autofill issue with Online Enrollment phone number input fields - Fixed 1/8/2019

Update: This issue has been fixed with the 1/8/2019 update of Aeries Online Enrollment.

Some customers have reported that their parents are having issues with Online Enrollment and not being able to get past steps after entering phone numbers. After some research, it has been determined that when parents use the Autofill feature of Chrome while on a phone number field, it will remove the phone number formatting that is displayed in that field causing an error to be displayed and the parent to proceed past that step without refreshing.

Programming is working on enhancing the phone number input in our systems to make it more compatible with autofill, and also make it more user friendly.

In the meantime, Autofill is not recommended if parents are having issues. If parents encounter an error similar to the below screenshot, it's recommended that they refresh the page and try again by manually typing in the phone number instead of using autofill. This issue was reported with Google Chrome browsers, however it may be an issue with other browsers as well.

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