Aeries Revision Notes 12/7/2018

Standards Based Grades
The ability to define an "Add-On" report card type is now available in Aeries.  An Add-On report card type, defined in the COD table, allows a student to be graded both on the default set of standards for their grade level and an additional set of "Add-On" standards.  The Teacher SBG page will include both the default and Add-On standards for each student with an Add-On report card type defined.  Printing a report card for these students will print both the default report card and a second Add-On report for the same student.  For more information please refer to the documentation.
This process now supports the 2018-19 file layouts (based on the latest Special Ed Data Model v3.2 from the CDE).  Please note that the column headings must match the specification in order for the files to be imported successfully.  As of the time of this release, we are aware that SEIS is not generating the expected column headings, so their files will not work unless the header row is corrected before loading to Aeries.  Files from other Special Ed vendors such as SIRAS have tested successfully.  For backward compatibility with last year's layouts, the process will automatically detect the layout by examining the header row and run the correct routine.  Also, if the scheduled import was set up to include the Services file, but the user did a one-time upload including only the Students file, an error would occur, fixed.
Student ID Cards report
Student ID Card printing is now available in Aeries web, converted from the Aeries Client.  This report honors KEEP/SKIP queries and includes an option to print a single card per page which is compatible with ID card printers CR80 format, or multiple per page option which is formatted 10-per page in Avery 5371 business card size format.
The "Staff" page prior to this update has been renamed to "Staff Old". The "Staff New" page prior to this update has been renamed to "Staff".  For Texas districts, "Staff Old" is no longer available.  The Staff page has also been updated to include new fields for Texas state reporting that are only visible to Texas districts including Professional Experience (STF.PX), Teaching Experience (STF.TX), Staff Type (STF.TY), Class Type (STF.CTY), Population Served (STF.PSV) and Class Type (STF.CTY).  Also for Texas state reporting, the Staff Job Assignments (STJ) table now has new fields for Role Type (STJ.RT) and Monthly Minutes (STJ.MMN).  A new Credentials tab visible only to Texas Districts for Texas State Reporting has also been added (STE).
CALPADS Programs Reference by Student report
This is a new report that prints the most common programs used in CALPADS.  By default, the report setup shows all the available programs selected for processing.  The students are listed along with the programs in which they are participating.  A "Yes" will indicate that the program is active.  Additional indicators are included to show, for example, that the program is in the future or it has conflicting dates.  Additionally, the setup page allows adding two more programs to the report.  It also has an option to run for inactive students and supports Aeries Query KEEP/SKIP.
Students Who Changed Schools or Are In Multiple Schools report
This is a new report, converted from the Aeries Client. It is only available at the district level.
School Options
A new field for School Category has been added.  The School Category field is intended to be used to identify a school as Elementary, Middle, High, etc.  These codes can be added via the Update Code Table page.
Google Apps Integration
Districts may now include the new School Category field in their Organization Unit structure.  On the Organization Unit Structure tab, the Sync Org Units button has been replaced with a Save button which does not manually sync org units.  This streamlines the creation of org units into the rest of the integration so that only org units which are needed will be created on-the-fly as student accounts are managed by the integration.
Records Request Log
School Code now displays when logged in at the District level.
Edbacker Nightly Process Configuration
Changes have been made to the nightly process.  1) The day options have been removed from the page.  The process now runs daily.  2) When the last scheduled payment is missed, the unpaid amount including the late fee if any will roll over to the next scheduled payment.  3) The new Auto Sync feature was added.  This feature automatically recalculates the student's financials, creates a payment portal if the student does not have one and updates the balance with Livingtree if Livingtree is enabled.  This feature is necessary if data in the database is manually altered.  4) Two buttons, Run Now (Scheduled Payments) and Run Now (Sync Transactions), were added to the page to allow the user to run the process instantly.
Financial Transactions Page
The Next Amount and Next Due Date values are now coming from the FTS.NA and FTS.ND instead of the payment schedule FPS.AD and FPS.DT.  Also, when adding a charge to a student who has a payment schedule, the amount will be added to the payments following the next payment date.
OneRoster API
The title in the getClasses endpoint was not populated for Elementary classes, fixed.The getCategories, getLineItems and getResults endpoints were returning HTTP 200 when the look up ID does not exist in the system.These endpoints now return HTTP 422 with a description.
Aeries Mobile API
EM2 - Inactive schools have been removed from the selection list when caching data.
Scheduling Setup
An alert has been added to prevent copying MST to SMS if the SMS table has records in it.  Also, a confirmation message has been added if any SSS record existed before copying SEC to SSS.
The prescription number now accepts a maximum of 12 characters.
Medical Profile report
A new option has been added to print a student's medical profile as an Avery 8163 label.  Also, a few user interface enhancements have been made to the report options page.
Secondary Student Data
A new "Achievements" section has been added to this page consisting of the four following new SSD fields: ADG (Associates Degree), PS1 (First Post Secondary Cert/License), PS2 (Second Post Secondary Cert/License), and PS3 (Third Post Secondary Cert/License).
Weekly Progress Report
To avoid confusion, the word    "Weekly" has been added when sending the report via SMS text or    Aeries Communications web feed.
Early Childhood Development
A new field for instruction type has been added to this page.Also, a warning messages has been added to instruct the user on what data may be needed to print out the EESD-9600 application.  The EESD-9600 application now completes more data including family key, start date, and monthly income.
Parent/Student Accounts
The email sent to parents when a student association is removed from an account or when the email address is changed on a student or contact record has changed to read "This email is to inform you that your Aeries Parent Portal Account has been modified and you are NO LONGER able to access student xx".
Create Substitute Teacher Accounts
Various small wording changes have been made on this page to better reference "Aeries" as the product name.
Assertive Discipline
This page was not allowing Days to be set to zero within an Administrative Decision, even when Start and End Dates existed, fixed.
Classes (New)
The ability to add course "0" has been added to this page.  Also, the ability to edit class schedules when logged in to the district has been temporarily disabled due to configuration conflicts which can arise between schools.  This functionality will be re-added in a future version of Aeries.
The X-Ray comment field was displaying in the wrong column for the read only view of the page, fixed.
Standards Based Report Cards
Punjabi translations were not displaying when outputting this report to PDF, fixed. "Nirmala UI" font must be installed on the server to support Punjabi.
Scheduling Class Load Analysis
The options for this report have been updated to correctly display the sort by Course Id and sort by Course Title sub-options when the Course and Period option is selected.
When logged-in as a parent, the "Lookup" button was being shown after clicking the Print Sibling button, fixed.
Student Transcripts report
Long names were being truncated, now they will show smaller to fit.

Could you, please, correct the margins on these Notes so that both columns are fully visible?  Thank you!

The margins have been adjusted.

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