Known Issue - Users unable to log in while using LDAP Active Directory Authentication - Fixed 12/3/2018

Some customers have reported that since the 11/30/2018 version, some users are no longer able to log in. It has been determined that this is due to LDAP authentication changes that were made which now require usernames to be in the format DOMAIN\username. This was an unintended change.

Programming is working on a fix, and it will ship as soon as it's ready.

In the meantime, it is recommended that the 11/30 version not be applied for those customers who use LDAP authentication. If your usernames are in the DOMAIN\username format, you are not impacted by this issue, and the update can be applied without issue even though you are using LDAP.

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This issue has been resolved with the 12/3/2018 version of Aeries, which will be posted momentarily: Since the 11/30 update, LDAP authentication was requiring users to enter their domain as well as username, for standard LDAP this is no longer a requirement. This is also no longer a requirement for Secure LDAP on networks where the web server is a member of the Secure LDAP domain.

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