Aeries Revision Notes 11/30/2018

Graduation Subject AreasSubject Area codes in Aeries can now support up to 6 character values.  Field widths in the CRS, CSQ, DAI, HSG, and REQ tables have been changed to be 6 characters.  This change will enable districts to define an almost unlimited number of subject areas to further refine graduation requirements.
Special EducationA new view of the Special Education page which utilizes a layout optimized for data consumption and easy data editing is now available.  Several deprecated and seldom utilized fields were removed, and those that remain are categorized into separate sections.  The first time a user visits the page, they will be presented with a tour of the new view.  Users can switch between the old and new views by clicking the page options menu.  Also, visual styles on the Services tab were updated.  Also, The deprecated teacher-based Provider field has been removed from the Services tab.  The staff-based Provider field has been renamed to "Staff" to avoid confusion with the Provider field that uses a code set drop-down.
Early Childhood DevelopmentThis new page in Aeries allows for the collection of data specific to early   childhood development programs.  Also the EESD-9600 application for child development services can to be printed out directly from this page.
Early Childhood Development SetupThis new page in Aeries is used to configure district wide information regarding your district's early childhood development programs.
CDD-801a ExtractThis new page in Aeries generates CDD-801a extract files.  The CDD-801a extract is a monthly population report of families and children that received Early Learning and Care Division subsidized services.
CALPADS ExtractsThe SPRG extract has been updated to handle the extracting Eligibility Dates for the 504 Program (101) and the Pregnant or Parenting Program (162).  The 504 program, now reporting as eligibility, will still use the student enrollment instead of the program dates when creating the Student Programs (SPRG) extract.  Also the “Extract All Data This Year” option will now be the default option on the Enrollment Update tab.
Special ProgramsThe Highlight State Reporting Fields logic for Program Codes of 504 Program (101) and the Pregnant or Parenting Program (162) have been updated to now   highlight the Eligibility Date fields instead of the Participation Date fields. 
Apple School Manager ExtractNon-admin users can now be given permission to this feature via Administer permission to the new "Apple School Manager Extract" security area.
SecuritySecure LDAP is now supported in the Aeries Hosted Environment, and it is highly recommended that all districts (hosted or otherwise) using LDAP take advantage of this security enhancement.
School OptionsThe School Options page has been updated to include a new setting for "Website" that can be identified for each school and the district.  These values currently do not do anything, but may be used in the future.  Also, the "County Code" field is now a drop-down list instead of free-text like it was before.
Initialize New Grade Reporting CycleThis process now supports selecting if a school wants to include sections flagged for the "FIRST" or "SECOND" half of a term.
Attendance Letters to Parents reportMailing Labels for this report may now be sorted by student grade, student name, or counselor.
Assertive DisciplineThis page will now highlight the School field when selecting to Highlight State Reporting Fields.  Also, the Edit button for old dispositions stored in ADS will now be disabled.  The "Copy Dispositions From ADS to DSP" macro and "Print ADS to DSP Conversion Audit" report were added to AdminCS over five years ago and should have been utilized to ensure data was converted.
Language Assessment The Language Assessment page will no longer highlight "Eng Lang Prof" as a State Reporting field as it is no longer used.
Resources / AssetsAn option has been added to limit the list of Items to only the current school when the Limit to current school option is selected. 
Asset Items ReportThe Print Items button will now filter the list of Items to only the current school when the Limit to current school option is selected.
Master Schedule and Scheduling MasterThe Highlight State Reporting Fields logic on these pages was inconsistent,   fixed.
Staff NewOn the new staff page, the search function at the district level now includes all staff in the district.  Also, when teacher records were dropped into multiple schools at once, the teacher list was not updating properly, fixed.    Also, the "Degree Year" field was limiting the input to two digits, it now allows four digits.  Also, minor adjustment were made to the page to prevent unnnecessary page refreshes, which may have caused errors on slower systems.
Cal Grant GPAsThere was a mismatch between the terms displayed and terms processed in the background, fixed.  To reflect upcoming changes regarding student gender options, any nonbinary gender value will be exported as N.  In addition, some adjustments in the underlying code were made for better error handling.
Attendance SummaryThis report would not run when the sort by track option was selected, fixed.
Grade Report Mark ListingThis report's credit attempted and credit completed columns were being rounded, fixed.
Grade Report Mark Verification ListingThe single mark version of this report was rounding the credit column, fixed.
Parent Data ConfirmationExtra "Save" buttons have been removed from the Medical and Authorizations steps.  These buttons had the potential to allow parents to create duplicate records.
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