Information - California Executive Order B-58-18 - Updated 12/5/2018

An executive order was released on November 28th regarding the state of emergencies for the recent fires.  Number 18 in the order is in regards to daily attendance for Butte.  We are evaluating this executive order and are contacting the CDE for more details   We will share the information as we receive it.

California Executive Order B-58-18

18.  To the extent a Butte local educational agency's average daily attendance for the month of December is adversely impacted by the November 2018 wildfires, that local educational agency can exclude the average daily attendance for the last full school month from average daily attendance reported for the first period apportionment.  This waiver applies to the first period apportionment reporting only.

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We have received clarification from the CDE on the executive order.  This waiver only applies to Butte local agencies.  They  will need to make a determination on whether to claim or not claim the last school month from P1 reporting.  If the local agency was adversely impacted by the wildfires, they can exclude the last full school month from P1 reporting.  The last 2 months should be compared (example month 4 and 5) and only report up to month 4 if reporting month 5 would adversely impact the district.

Note:  P2 and and Annual reporting will include all the months normally reported, even if the last month of P1 was not included in the P1 numbers.  No attendance or calendar changes are necessary if a Butte local agency takes advantage of this emergency waiver.

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