Aeries Revision Notes 11/16/2018

Assertive   DisciplineThis page will now attempt to calculate the Days within an Administrative Decision when the Start and End Date are entered first. When the new District Setting is enabled, this page will allow a set of Assigned fields for Days, Hours, Start Date, End Date, and Return Date that may be different from those same values actually Served by the student. There will also be a "Reason Different" dropdown defined in the COD table for DSP.RDD. Also, the Assertive Discipline page now includes a Short Description to summarize the Description of Incident, and the Exact Time field to use a new time picker instead of a text box.
District SettingsThis page now includes an option to "Request Assigned and Served Days in Assertive Discipline - Administrative Decisions (Dispositions)". This option will enable a new set of fields on the Assertive Discipline page when updating Administrative Decisions.
Standards Based Report CardsThis report has been updated to include IELPAC test results under Language Fluency Information.
Staff NewSecurity added to require additional permissions when adding records using the Staff New form.  Also, an add button was displaying when the user did not have sufficient permissions to perform the actual record add, fixed.
SecurityA new security area "Administer" to UGN has been added. This permission is required to view, edit, and create users in the Security User   Accounts (UGN) section of the Staff New page.
Aeries Mobile APIUsers who are running an older version of the Aeries EM2 app will be forced to upgrade to the latest version which includes security enhancements designed to further safeguard user data.  Also, in the Mobile Portal App the Overall Category grade could display an   incorrect percentage due to rounding, fixed
Financial TransactionsAeries Financials now supports handling payments that have been canceled or refunded in PayPal. The system will automatically reverse the paid amount, update the payment schedule, and re-sync to Livingtree.
Instructional Minutes by StudentThe options page for this report has been updated to prevent the selection of incorrect starting dates. Users will now receive a message alerting them to change an entered date if it does not fall on a Monday.
Students With N Or More AbsencesThis report now displays Student ID.
Assertive DisciplineThe Description of Incident field's "more" button pop-up window would open off screen, fixed.
Analytics Item DefinitionsThe Test Admin field was not populated for TST and CST indicators, fixed.
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