Information - New California School Immunization Requirements for 2019-20

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has notified schools of new regulations for the immunization requirements in California which will become effective on July 1, 2019.

Aeries Software has been reviewing these changes, and will ensure that our software is able to accommodate the updated requirements. At a minimum, changes will include a new blue card format, and updating the default vaccination requirements. We plan to address any necessary changes in early 2019.

Schools and districts are encouraged to visit the CDPH website to review the latest news. In particular you may wish to review the early alert sent to schools in May, as well as the new regulations.

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Are there plans to change TDap Booster to it's own immunization?

We will evaluate all immunization requirements early next year, including the TDaP booster, to make sure we are still able to record all the data accurately.

It looks like today there is an updated Guide to Immunizations Required for School Entry (2019) posted on the website Features Resources section. I'm sure there will be other new items posted in the near future.

I just wanted to provide an update letting everyone know that we have evaluated the new requirements over the past few weeks, are in the process of making programming changes in Aeries to accommodate these changes. Change will include new default vaccination requirements, a new version of the blue card, a few new fields to accommodate, and adjusting some logic on the Immunizations page itself. Be sure to check out the resources from CDPH previously mentioned above.


We start registering Kindergarten students in April.  Do you know if the Aeries updates for the New California School Immunization Requirements for 2019-20 will be complete by April 2019?

Thank you!

Patti, we plan to have this done by the end of April.

Kevin,  Will we able to start registration and enter immunizations in the current system, then print out the new cards once the updates are done?  

Absolutely. Since we already have date fields to accommodate all of the required immunizations, those can be entered and the new blue cards can be printed later if you wish.

Should we be updating the immunization requirements in our system by using the Load Default Vaccination Requirements button on our Configure Vaccination Requirements page?

Shasta, that will be the process once we make programming changes. We anticipate this will be released by the end of April. The defaults need to be adjusted.

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