Aeries Revision Notes 11/9/2018

Attendance ManagementAttendance Management is a new page in Aeries that allows attendance clerks to quickly view students with Unverified Absences, clear or change  those absences and add attendance notes.  This page can also be used to list students with certain absence codes and to quickly find students listed on this page.
Staff NewThe "Staff New" page is a new page in Aeries designed to help streamline the process of adding new staff members, manage existing staff and their related accounts.  The new staff page organizes staff information and related data in accordion panels instead of tabs.  Also, the associated teacher and login records can be viewed and edited directly from this page.  During the creation of associated User Accounts and Teachers, common information such as email and name are automatically copied from the Staff Record. This process also maintains email address consistency by automatically updating the email address in related records whenever an email address is changed.
School OptionsA new school option to "Auto Assign Teacher Numbers" has been added to automatically assign teacher numbers when new teachers are added.  This new function also allows district level users to create TCH records from the district level and place them into schools with this option enabled.
Student DemographicsSince the 10/22 update, Parent, Student and Teacher accounts with STU Update   permissions could update a student's address if the "Require Address History Update to Change Student Address" District Option was not set, fixed.
Data Change Anomalies ReportA new report has been introduced for Admins to check for the data anomalies.   This update includes an option to identify any changes made by a parent,   teacher, or student to addresses. In the future, this report may check for   additional anomalies.
User NotificationsAeries can now display important messages to certain types of users on the user's homepage. System Admins will have a potential security issue message   displayed with this version for some districts affected by the address issue   resolved with this update. In the future, this notification feature can be used by both districts and Aeries Software to display various notifications.
Attendance by Photo (New)The Attendance by Photo (New) page now displays student first and last   names.  Also, students who were   previously dropped from a class were still printing on the report, fixed.  The section number (SCH.SE) for the current period was incorrectly recorded to the database when "teacher 2" created a chart, fixed. Also, the default flag (SCH.TY) was not saving correctly when an existing chart was edited, fixed.
District Settings This page includes a new setting to "Enable ADA Weighting based on Attendance Program".  This option will enable a "Define Attendance Programs" page to setup the ADA weights for each program.  Please note that this option currently only applies to the Monthly Attendance Summary report when using a new option to "Print Legal size for Weighted A.D.A.".  This option can be useful for identifying Attendance Programs that do not count for ADA or that count for less than a full ADA.
Monthly Attendance Summary reportThis report options will now show and hide various notifications based on the   options being selected, highlighting what applies to each option.  Also, a message has been added to warn a user when using the "Re-run ALL Months" option, that it will delete all existing YTD, even for months after the month being run up to.  The "Recompute YTD Information" option will now create a LOG record with the options pertaining to the YTD changes.  When running this report from   the District, schools with no enrollment would display the District total as their School totals, instead of zeroes, fixed.  When enabled using a new option in District   Settings, there will be a new option to "Print Legal size for Weighted A.D.A.".  Please note this is the only place the ADA weight is currently being honored.
Define Attendance ProgramsThis new page assists in defining the ADA weight for each program defined for   student attendance program (STU.SP).  Please note the page is only available after enabling the option from District Settings.
Student DemographicsWhen creating or updating student data on the Student Demographics page, if an error occurs and the student data is not saved an error message will now   appear in a popup window.  The user will be able to continue editing the student data and can try again.  Only after the student data has been   successfully saved to the database will a record be added to the LOG table.
Update AttendanceThis process was not displaying elementary teachers when viewed at the District  level, fixed.
Import Test ResultsThe ACT 2018-19 Format has been added to the Import Test Results Page. Also, the   conversion for some grade levels during the ACT import was inaccurate, fixed.  The SAT, PSAT10, and PSAT8/9 file layouts headers have also been adjusted to include the 2018/19 school year.  Also, the first row of the PSAT10 and PSAT8/9 TXT files were not being imported, fixed.
District Resource AssignmentsChanges to the DRA table will now log the student ID number in LOG.
Enrollment by Teacher ReportThis report now honors a Query KEEP/SKIP.
Various PagesThe teacher dropdowns on various pages have been adjusted to now sort by the Teacher Name field instead of the Teacher Number.
LockersAn option to only display available Lockers has been added to this page.
School of Choice RequestsThis page was generating an error if the user/group didn't have Read permissions to SCR.  It now gives a blank page instead.
Create New Portal AccountThis page now allows accounts to be created for the School of Choice Request   process, even when the district option is set to not allow parents and students to create their own accounts normally.
NSLP ImportUnder certain circumstances, this process resulted in multiple FRE records with   overlapping or coinciding dates for some students, fixed.
Period Attendance For All Students reportSince the 11/2/2018 update, this report was not able to print, fixed.
Grade Report Mark AnalysisWhen sorting by course id or title, course titles after the first of a teacher's   successive classes did not print, fixed.

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