Information - CALPADS Discipline (SDIS) File Changes for the 2018-2019 School Year - Updated 4/11/2019

Note:  The SDIS changes have been released as of the 4/11/2019 Aeries update.  Please see the Revision Notes for more information.

Information  - The following are changes to the Discipline (SDIS) file noted in the CALPADS Update Flash #145.  Aeries is aware of the changes and will adjust the SDIS file as CALPADS updates the Code Set and File Format documents.

  • LEAs must now report all incidents in which a statutory offense is committed, regardless if it results in a disciplinary action of suspension or expulsion.  Disciplinary Action Category Code 300 should be used. This code has been renamed from “No Suspension or Expulsion” to “Other Means of Correction or No Action”.  Refer to the Update Flash for more information on “Other Means of Correction or No Action”.                
    • Aeries:  Verify that all Assertive Discipline (DSP.DS) codes are translated on the CALPADS Code Translations page to the CALPADS code of 300.  Examples are Conference, Referral and Study Teams.  The SDIS file will be adjusted to extract all Assertive Discipline records translated to a valid CALPADS Discipline Action Taken code.
  • Field 4.2 – Incident Disciplinary Action Duration Days, LEAs should include:
    • If a student was first suspended prior to a final disciplinary action of expulsion, the number of instructional days that the student missed instruction due to the suspension that preceded the expulsion; and
    • The number of instructional days the student missed due to the expulsion, which would be the number of instructional days from when the student is exited due to the expulsion to when the student is enrolled in a subsequent school, or the end of the school year, whichever comes first.
      • Aeries:  Continue entering Assertive Discipline Dispositions.  If multiple Dispositions are entered for a student for a Suspension and an Expulsion, the SDIS extract will be adjusted to total the days.
  • Previously, LEAs were instructed to report incidents resulting in half-day suspensions for students with disabilities, and to only report incidents resulting in full-day suspensions for all other students. To align with Office of Civil Right rules, LEAs should now report all suspensions, regardless of the length of suspension, and they should report the increment in Field 4.2 – Incident Disciplinary Action Duration Days, which allows for increments of less than one day.
    • Aeries:  Enter partial day suspensions in the Assertive Discipline Dispositions Days (DSP.DY) field.  Half-day suspensions can be entered as .50.  The Hours (DSP.HR) field is not extracted.

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Do LEA's need to change the wording in the CALPADS Code Translation to reflect the new “Other Means of Correction or No Action”?  I have tried this in the description field and it just reverts back to the old wording.  Is this done with the Add Default Translation button? How is this accomplished? OR is it not available yet?

Are thr Statutory offenses the 48900, etc offenses?

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