Aeries Revision Notes 11/2/2018

Weekly Progress Emails
For Aeries Communications customers, Weekly Progress Emails will now take    advantage of the power of Aeries Communications to deliver this important    content to parents and students via their preferred methods of communication    including text message, email, and directly in their Aeries Communications    feed.
Records Request Log
New page for manually tracking student records’ requests between schools and districts.  There is also an associated report.
Aeries Financials
A new Late Fee feature is now available in Aeries Financials.  When enabled from the Nightly Process Config page, a late fee will automatically be applied to student accounts that have a past due scheduled payment. The amount of the late fee and the number of days "grace period" are both configurable.  Also, reminder emails are now available for students with upcoming scheduled payments.  A First Reminder and Second Reminder can be enabled from the Nightly Process Config page.  Also, an email confirmation will now be sent to the student when Autopay is enabled and the automatic payment is processed.
Mass Add Credit Financial Transactions
This is a new page that allows office staff to mass add credit transactions to    students through Aeries Financials.  It supports Query KEEP/SKIP to narrow down the group of students
Student Withdrawal Form report
6 new options have been added to this report to print additional pieces of    information: Financials, Fees, Checked Out Assets, Checked Out Books,    Enrollment and Pre-Printed Letterhead.  Also, this report can now be run for multiple students from View All Reports.
Security Groups
A new "Print Effective Permissions" button has been added to this page.  After selecting a group, click the "Print Effective Permissions" button to run the report for the selected group. The report will show effective permissions based on a combination of security group inheritance and permissions granted directly to the group.
CALPADS Extracts
The SELA extract has been adjusted to evaluate the Initial ELPAC test date    (LAC.IFD) field for EL and IFEP students. This will allow the SELA file to extract students who took the Initial ELPAC test in the summer.  Also, the Direct Certification Import has been updated to support 'Non-Eligible' codes in FRE. There were some instances in which the free/reduced record from the direct certification file would not import if there was a FRE record with a code other than 'F' or 'R'.
Attendance Submission Log
For future use, new fields (F0 - F9 and FL) for recording the initial attendance    submission datetime were added to the ASL table.
Student Transcripts
The option to "Sort by Teacher" has been added to this report.
OneRoster API
The Categories, Results and LineItems endpoints have been modified to return the record details when modifying data using PUT.  Also, the metadata can    now be omitted in the PUT LineItems endpoint.
ADA Make-Up code is now indicated on the attendance screen by a different attendance note icon. Also, visual styles for the attendance notes icon have been updated on the student and teacher attendance pages.
Assertive Discipline
Since the 10/22/2018 update, when inserting a new record, the Date and School fields were not defaulting, fixed.
A confirmation has been added when changing the student's Birthdate. Also, when adding or importing new students, the School Enter Date and District Enter Date now default to today’s date.  Also, the VerifPass Code field was widened to avoid visually cutting off characters.
Master Schedule
When updating a section, changing the course did not update the corresponding credits and grade range fields, fixed.  Also, changing the teacher did    not update the corresponding max and room number fields, fixed.
Student Absence Totals report
If more than one student shared the same first and last name, the report was    grouping them and summing their total absences on a single line, fixed.
Student Locator Cards Report
This report was giving an error when the option "Scheduling Locator Cards    (SMS/SSS)" was selected, fixed.
Daily Medical Log
Since the 10/22/2018 update, district users were unable to insert/modify daily    medical log records, fixed.
Mass Change Period Absences
Students with an enrollment code of "B" were sometimes being skipped by this    process, fixed.  Also, blocked periods were not being handled properly in all situations, fixed.
When deleting a contact, the Remove Portal Account request was not being honored, fixed.
Google Integration
The wording for the Teacher Domain field has been updated to clarify that    Teachers must be in a domain with the classroom_teachers group.
Attendance Summary by Program Report
This report previously sorted students by grade incorrectly, fixed.
Various Reports
With a non-default collation on the SQL Server, the following reports would generate an error, fixed: Gain and Loss, Monthly Attendance Summary / Continuation, Morgan Hart Class Size Reduction Summary, Grade Report Mark Analysis, Scheduling Conflict Matrix/Chart, Letter Log.
Grade Reporting Functions
These pages and methods will no longer be displayed at the District level as none of the functions have been designed to run from the district-level.
Grade Reporting Reports
Certain reports will no longer be displayed at the District level.
Standards Based Grades Reports
These reports will no longer be displayed at the District level as they have not    been designed to run from the district-level.
School Options
Wording of Hayes Software Systems and TIPWeb-IT have been adjusted to match their official branding.
A print button has been added to the top banner of this page.
Standards Based Grades
Students with standard scores of 0 were not getting a mark when Traditional Grading method was used to load standards based grades from gradebooks, fixed.
Parent Portal
In the parent portal, changing a student would cause a new tab to appear, fixed.
Query and Update Code Table
The description of LOC table has been changed to "Location Data".
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One additional revision note item in this build that we forgot to mention: Aeries Financials: For the Payment Type dropdown, "Credit Adjustment" was changed to "Credit" on both Mass Add Credit page and Add Payment popup. Also, since this dropdown uses a combination of fixed codes and code table values, data in the COD table was adjusted accordingly, and the Update Code Table page was adjusted to prevent using the hard-coded values of "Credit" or "MCred" (mass add credit).

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