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SEIS and C2C

The SEIS staff are telling District staff to copy the SEIS ID in SEIS and then just paste it into the District ID field in SEIS.  I was understanding that they needed to put the Perm ID from Aeries into the District ID field in SEIS.  Does anyone know anything about this?



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Carol, I was on a webinar on Wednesday with the CDE that was sponsored by SEIS.  That is not accurate what they heard.  There are definitely different ID's that they spoke about, the SSID which is a field all by itself, the local ID which should be the ID from the SIS system, they also talked about another ID, which will be like a job ID for when they do CALPADS submissions, it was stated they would need to know the job id for errors and such. Both my SpED person and I listened in on the webinar and she also says that the District staff is completely confused.


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