Known Issue - CALPADS Known Issues and Information in Aeries

Below are a few CALPADS projects in Aeries that programming is working on now:

SELA Extract - Adjust SELA extract to use the Initial Test Date as the program Start Date for EL and IFEP students.  This will allow EL and IFEP students to be extracted when the program start date (LAC.SD or LAC.IFD) is before the student's enrollment date.

Status:  Shipped on 11/2/2018

SPRG Extract - Adjust code to reflect the change of 504 (code 101) and Pregnant (code 162) programs to extract eligibility dates.   The process will try using the eligibility dates, but if they are not present, then it will use the participation dates.  504 (code 101)programs will continue to extract with the enrollment dates (as a participation program) if the program start date is before the enrollment date. 

Status:  in testing and should ship soon

Special Programs Page - Adjust highlighting for 504 (code 101) and Pregnant (code 162) programs to highlight eligibility dates instead of participation dates.

Status:  in testing and should ship soon

SINF Extract - Adjust logic to bypass the Log Detail (LGD) table for the effective date for the following fields:

  • US School Entry Date (LAC.USS)
  • Birth fields (STU.BD, STU.BCY, STU.BST, STU.BCU)
  • Sex (STU.SX)
  • Ethnicity/Race(s) (STU.ETH, STU.RC1-STU.RC5)
  • Parent Ed (STU.PED)

This change should reduce CERT and SINF errors caused by correcting existing data.

Status: in development

Direct Certification Import - Adjust the import to ignore existing FRE records with code of 'N' and continue the import.

Status:  Shipped on 11/2/2018

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Hi Audrey,

When the fix is released, it will help with the SINF0059 errors.  In the meantime, we have an article posted with the steps to take:

SINF0059 - Invalid Student Age for Student Initial US School Enrollment Date K-12

Hi Audrey,

A Support Rep will be contacting you.  She is looking at your ticket now and will be able to assist you.

 Aeries Revision Notes 11/2/2018 

An update has been released on 11/2/2018 with the following CALPADS adjustments:

  • SELA Extract - The SELA extract has been adjusted to evaluate the Initial ELPAC test date    (LAC.IFD) field for EL and IFEP students. This will allow the SELA file to extract students who took the Initial ELPAC test in the summer.  CALPADS SELA Import - SELA Extract
  • Direct Certification Import - Also, the Direct Certification Import has been updated to support 'Non-Eligible' codes in FRE. There were some instances in which the free/reduced record from the direct certification file would not import if there was a FRE record with a code other than 'F' or 'R'. 

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