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CASEMIS Changes and Special Ed Data in Aeries

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I have some updates to share.

First, for the 2018-19 school year, the Aeries CASEMIS Import feature will support importing data from the new CALPADS/CASEMIS file layouts. We have completed some development to update the code sets and the import routine. At this point, we do not have any sample data files from vendors or LEAs. We hope to release the updated import routine as soon as possible once we have the sample data need to finish development and perform quality control testing.

Furthermore, we took this opportunity to consider the usage of the Special Education page in Aeries. Based on survey feedback, there are only a few fields on this page that are of high importance to most customers. Also, due to the CASEMIS to CALPADS transition, there will be less emphasis on extracting Special Education data from Aeries to report to the state. Instead, this reporting will be performed by your special education system.

With this in mind, we would like to share some screenshots of our redesigned Special Education page and get your feedback. We plan to release this updated page together with the CASEMIS Import changes. While we hope this new design will meet the needs of the vast majority of our users, the page will still allow users to switch back to the old version at any time, and the system will remember their preference.

View has been reorganized to group related fields into sections for easier readability. Only the most-used sections will display at first for a less cluttered view.


The expanded view will show all data that is populated for the current student. If a field (or even an entire section) has no data, it will be hidden.

Edit mode is also reorganized into sections for easier data entry.

For reference, here is a student record where everything is filled out (perhaps unrealistically) just so you can see what it would look like with nothing hidden.

We appreciate any feedback on this design. Please note that some deprecated and seldom utilized fields have been removed. If you feel anything critical is missing from the new version, do let us know.


JD McKeel
Quality Control / Developer
Aeries® SIS

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The old CASEMIS A import routine will still work if that is the format of data you receive from your IEP system.

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Am I missing the Education Plan Amendment Date?


The Education Plan Amendment Date is a new field that does not currently have a place in Aeries. Our current approach with the CASEMIS Import is to use the most recent value for each mapped field. Therefore, an amendment would simply result in one or more fields being updated with new values. If there is an identified need to store the actual Amendment Date, that may be an enhancement in the near future. For now we are focused on releasing a viable CASEMIS Import routine for the new 2018-19 file layouts.

It looks much better to me! I've emailed my contact at our SELPA to see if I can get a CASEMIS extract in the new format for you to test. 

I've sent this link to the Office Facilitator for our Intervention Services.

Not knowing if SEIS is going away, will the current Casemis Import using the extracts from SEIS still work?

I like the ability to expand and such.  I know that many districts are still asking for transportation.  In SEIS, right after the input Extended School Year, they also input Transportation.  It is just a yes or no but it would really help us.  

I am also not seeing the % in class.  We use that for all our students to determine if they are RSP or SDC. Would not want to see that go away.

One last thing, would love for the records to stay, even if student had exited several years ago, similar to a programs record.  I have many schools want to know if the student ever had an IEP.


I like it!  It is similar to other screen re-dos you have been doing.  The question I get asked the most is who the case manager is, and I see you have that displayed.  It looks cleaner and easier to read, as do the re-dos on the other screens.

I have added General Education Participation % to the new form. On the old form it is labeled "In Reg Class %". For 2018-19, it is now a code-set driven field.

Now that CASEMIS is are the special education records uploaded to Aeries?

We use the Staff field for staff that provides services such as Speech and Language, any chance that can stay?

Also agree with Transportation field staying as well as having the ability to view SPED information on students who have been exited.

Thank you

I tried it today, you can still pull the Calpads Reports from SEIS and upload the Students and Services files into Aeries.

That is correct. The file is uploaded the same way. The file format is still called CASEMIS as of now, even though CASEMIS reporting is no longer done. We may consider renaming the CASEMIS Import to something else in the future.

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