Known Issue - Assertive Discipline Records are not defaulting - Fixed 11/2/2018

Update - An update has been released on 11/2/2018 with this fix.  Aeries Revision Notes 11/2/2018

An issue has been discovered which was released with the 10/22/2018 version of Aeries, where new Assertive Discipline records do not automatically populate the Date and School Code like it did with prior versions. Note: The date is hard-coded to be required, however the school code, if left blank, will save as school code 0.

A recommended workaround is to be sure both the Date and School are set as Required Fields. If you need assistance with setting these fields as required, please contact Aeries Support.

Programming has been made aware of this issue, and is working on a fix and it will be released as part of our next update. We apologize for these issues and any inconvenience this has caused you or your staff.

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Thank you for letting us know, we will follow your suggestions.

This issue was resolved with the 11/2/2018 update.

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