Known Issue - Student Address Changes require additional permissions - Fixed 10/25/2018

Since the 10/22/2018 version of Aeries, users were unable to change student addresses without Insert permissions to Address History (ADH). In addition, the "Require Address History Update to Change Student Address" setting on the School Options page is not being honored.

As a workaround, users can be granted Insert permissions to Address History (ADH).

This was not an intentional change in security and will be fixed in an upcoming update.

There seems to be a lot of things broken with this update.  How soon will you get a fix out for all of the new issues with this update?

We're working diligently to get a new update out as soon as possible. I wouldn't say "a lot" of things are broken, but there were some issues reported which we have noted here in the forums. We are expecting to ship a new update today or tomorrow.

Thank you very much for getting it fixed so quickly.

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