Known Issue - Error on the Student Data Printout Report and Student Summons Report as of the October 22nd Update - Fixed 10/25/2018

Update - An update has been released  on 10/25/2018 with this fix.  Aeries Revision Notes 10/25/2018

The Student Data Printout report is generating an error when using the "Print Class Schedule" option.  

The report is generating an error when run from the Student Demographics page, Reports and also from View All Reports.

The report can be run when de-selecting the "Print Class Schedule" option.

Also, the  Student Summons report is generating an error in secondary schools.  The report is working correctly in elementary schools 

A fix will be included in the next update for both reports.

Office staff are indicating that Summons Call Slips error out as well.

Yes, both reports are generating errors.  A fix will ship in the next update.

Can I please be informed when the fix is out?

An update was released with a fix to the report errors:

Aeries Revision Notes 10/25/2018

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