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Support Google Classroom without being tied to gradebooks

We would like to collect some preliminary feedback to see if there is a need for Aeries to support Google Classroom creation without it being tied to a Gradebook? Currently to utilize Google Classroom integration, the Google Classroom must be tied to a Gradebook. We were curious if there is a need or interest for this.

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Sorry for the response to an old post... but I could see some use-case for Classroom creation outside a Gradebook. Thinking about after school programs or club/activities where students aren't specifically rostered in a Gradebook but could benefit from being part of a Google Classroom. Would be nice to be able to dynamically (like via Student Groups?) have rostered Google Classroom integration outside Gradebook.


We don't use grade book but would benefit from using the auto-email address creation that is a feature with Google classroom. 

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