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Enrollment Query

I have been trying to build a query that lists all students enrolled in my district for a specific date but have had no luck. I can't use attendance reports since a student could have been enrolled but not present on that specific date. Any suggestions?

This from Cam, many years ago


Because STU.HL values traditionally do not change, or if they do change, it is to correct a mistake, you just need to focus on enrollment data for the students.  Use Query at the district level to keep the student enrolled on that date:


KEEP STU ENR IF ENR.YR = 2009 AND ENR.ED < "3/2/2010" AND ( ENR.LD > "2/28/2010" OR ENR.LD = NULL )


Then you can totals on STU.HL and STU.SC.




Camden Iliff

Director of Student Systems Development

Eagle Software

(888) 324-5363

Thanks for the query! I'm still not getting my listing numbers to match my summaries but I'll try modifying it to see if I can get it to work. Really appreciate it.

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