Aeries Revision Notes 10/3/2018

Attendance NotificationsThe ability to send Period Attendance Notifications at a fixed time has been added to this area.  "Period Absence   Summary" is a new Notification Type that will run once, at the specified time and will send a period attendance notification to the parent.  Multiple instances of this type can be configured to send this notification multiple times per day.  It is important to note that different instances of this notification type are not linked.  With notifications set up for different times in the day, even if attendance has not changed between the run times, the parent will receive the communication a 2nd time.
CBEDS-ORA Export FilesThis new page has been converted from the Aeries Client and is ready for the 2018 submission of CBEDS ORA files to the state.
Standards Based GradingTrend Analysis of Standards Based Grades will now follow the recommended practice of not including scores of 0.
Financial Transactions by Date reportThis report now includes an option to Group and Page break on Accounting Code.
Financial Payment Listing, Financial Transaction History, and Financial Transactions by Date reportsThese reports now display "Reference #" or "Ref #" instead of "Check#" since Payment Type is now customizable.
Financial TransactionsThe payment type field was cleared out after editing a payment transaction, fixed.
Classes NewThe "Today" option was not honoring A/B days, fixed.  Also, changing the Permanent Lock field will now enable the Save button.
Security UsersOn slow networks the School Access popup had the potential to cause an error and reload the security page, fixed.

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