Aeries Revision Notes 9/28/2018

Effective Permissions Report This is a new report for Admin users to see the effective permissions that are applied to users based on combined group and individual permissions.  The report has various options to limit the records that will be included.  Please note that to obtain accurate results when teacher accounts are included, the report must be limited to a single school due to school-based Teacher Portal Group permissions. 
Security UsersThe new Effective Permissions Report can be run for a single account directly from the user account page.  After selecting an account, click the Print Effective Permissions button to run the report.
Financial TransactionsThe Financial Transactions page now supports custom Payment Types.  Also, the Grant/Scholarship option is now available in the Add Payment window.  The Setup Payment Gateway button in the Parent and Student Portal is now hidden if the student does not have a Payment Schedule or the Payment Gateway is already set up.
SMS BoardIn the SMS Builder, after selecting the course, the statistics in the conflict matrix will now honor a KEEP/SKIP Query.  When applied a warning message will be displayed to the user.
Career PathwaysA date field is now available in the Outcomes section of this page.
Parent Portal NavigationThe Aeries Parent Portal Navigation is now customizable via direct DB changes to the NAV table.  These changes include changing the name of existing links, adding new links, and removing links.
Custom NavigationDEL-tagged NAV table records were not being honored, fixed.  Also, special characters in the custom URL were sometimes causing issues, fixed.
OneRoster APIThe putResult endpoint — for pushing Gradebook score information back to Aeries — was giving an error when the 'score' element had a null value, fixed.  The Aeries Gradebook will internally handle this as either missing or exempt depending on the 'scoreStatus' value. 
Import Test Results - IELPACWhen importing IELPAC data, the Test Grade was not getting set, fixed.
Grades By TeacherWhen editing standard grades, the Mark drop down values were missing, fixed.
Monthly Attendance Summary by School reportThis report would generate an error when processing pre-school and TK grade levels, fixed.
Class SummaryParent and Student portals with the option enabled to Hide Future Classes were not displaying any classes that didn't have a gradebook linked to it, fixed.
Student DocumentsThe "View Only Current Grade" option was not working correctly when changing students, fixed.  Also, visual styles on the page have been updated.
Monthly Attendance Summary reportIn the legal size version of this report, the Unverified Absences, Incomplete Independent Study, and Complete Independent Study subtotals were not calculating correctly and were not displaying the correct bold font weight, fixed.
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