Aeries Revision Notes 9/21/2018

  • Asset Course Listing Report - This is a new report for users who would like to know the status of assets assigned to students depending on the selection of courses. A combination of five options is available to include or exclude any or all assets. This report is only available to secondary schools.
  • Financial Transactions - When a student has a negative remaining balance, subsequent charges will now automatically be paid off with the available credit.
  • Aeries Financials - Adjustments have been made to safeguard against making any calls to the Livingtree (formerly Edbacker) API when the Aeries database is a sandbox copy. The safeguard is activated when Livingtree integration is first enabled; therefore, existing Financials customers should contact Aeries Support to ensure their setup becomes protected.
  • Aeries Mobile Portal App - To safeguard student data, users who are running an older version of the Aeries Mobile Portal App must upgrade to the latest version.
  • Language Assessment - Since the last update, the language codes in "At Home" (LAC.L3) and "Primary" (LAC.L2) were being swapped every time the page was saved, fixed. Also, the "Initial Fluency Test" area has been renamed to "Initial ELPAC Result."
  • Import Test Results - IELPAC - When importing IELPAC data, manually matched students were not getting LAC values updated, fixed. If the record was previously matched to a different student through the auto-matching process, the LAC data on that original student would have been updated instead of the newly manually matched student.
  • Academic Plan - A series of enhancements and bug fixes were made to the new "Academic Plan" page to improve user experience and work flow. The courses that fall partially in the schools grade range are now included in the course drop down. The grade and term selection in the add course pop up was not reset after adding a course, fixed. Also, the grade levels drop down in the same pop up now lists all grade levels of the school for school staff and only grade levels in that courses grade level range for parents and students when adding a course. The system was giving an error when placing course request packets for students with no prior plan records, fixed. The A to G and Graduation Subject Areas are now sorted alphabetically by their code values in the academic plan. Quarter long courses can now be handled by the academic plan. Preferred terms set in the academic plan options will be taken into consideration when applying a course sequence to the academic plan. A checkbox to turn on/off filtering of the listed sequences based on matching current courses in the "Add Course Sequences" pop up is added. The course sequence placement logic will no longer take the scheduling settings into consideration and has been enhanced in the following ways: - Course Sequences that have matching current courses are placed to follow the current course regardless of beginning grade level of the sequence. - Course Sequences with beginning grade levels are placed starting from that specific grade level. - Course Sequences with "Next Grade Level" as the beginning grade level are placed starting from the next grade level
  • Assertive Discipline - Administrators may now configure a notification email when a new Assertive Discipline record is added by a teacher.
  • Student Groups - The required user permissions for using student groups on the "Mass Change Period Absences" and in Student Search has been changed to include Read access to SGM (Student Group Members) table. Also, users will need Update to SGM to add students to a group from the Multi Student Search Page. Also, adding staff member association to a user group is now possible when the group is created without having to save it first.
  • Default Code Management - A new Default Code Set for the Interventions Module has been added to the Default Code Management Page in Aeries. There are 20 code sets that can be adapted by districts to quickly start using the Interventions screens.
  • Academic Plan Course Sequences - The course sequences in the sequence drop down are now sorted alphabetically.
  • Career Pathways - For users with EMP read permission, when adding/modifying an Experience record, the Company field now displays a combo box for looking up existing employers from the EMP table.
  • Schools - The District Options part of this page has been redesigned to be better organized. It also now contains Edit, Save, and Cancel buttons at the top of the page in addition to the bottom.
  • Transcripts - This page now includes a new informational Date of Completion (HIS.DC) field under the "More" button. This field will be used with future enhancements. Also typing "History" in the navigation filter will now locate the Transcripts page.
  • Courses - This page now includes a new informational Hours for Completion (CRS.HC) field located on the Other tab next to Alg I Crd Req. This field will be used with future enhancements.
  • Master Schedule - The "Hourly Program" dropdown is now user-defined, and the default codes have been added to the code table via AdminCS.
  • Monthly Attendance Summary by Month Report - The option for "include last year's data" wasn't working correctly, fixed. Also, Subtotals in the wide version were actually averages of the selected months so they have been rephrased to "Average Month 1 - X " and "Average Month X+1 - X2 " based on the user's selected options. Also, the ADA and Average in the wide version were different than Client, fixed. Also, the Last Year's segment was displaying the current year's days of the month, fixed. Also, the Program wasn't displaying correctly when Program included the AP1 and AP2 values, fixed. Also, some minor adjustments have been applied to fix some print issues.
  • Portal - Lost Password and Create New Account pages - These pages have been redesigned to look like the rest of the Aeries system.
  • Query - The Service Learning tables of SLA, SLH, SLQ and SLL are now available in Query.
  • Query - The Courses Data (CRS) table is now properly linked to more tables: CMP, EMP, FTD, GRH, GRS, OCM, SSR, TSD, and TSO.
  • Various Reports - Minor visual adjustments have been applied to some District Assets related report options pages.
  • Grade Report Mark Verification Listing report - The value for the "Credit" field will now display up to 3 decimal places if there are more than one significant digits.
  • Letter Log - When deleting letter log records, the student letter counter fields STU.LT, and STU.L2 were not decrementing, fixed. Also, the delete transaction history popup had a checkbox which was not selectable and confused users. The checkbox has been removed and the entire row is selectable.
  • Master Schedule - When adding a section, the credit and grade range fields were not auto-populating after a course was selected, fixed.
  • Scheduling Letter to Parent report - Students whose student # matched those from other schools were being generated with the wrong student ID and locker number, fixed.

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