Aeries Revision Notes 9/13/2018

Initial ELPACAeries now supports importing and viewing the Initial ELPAC test results. This data comes from the "ELPAC LST" process and must use the "CSV" file.
Language AssessmentThe Language Assessment page now displays IELPAC test results. There are also 2 new fields to display the English Language Fluency of the student as determined by the IELPAC. This data is only informational, with no logic in Aeries to look at these fields besides importing their values. They can be manually updated for students who transfer from other districts.
App FeedbackThis new page allows staff with Read permission to the new "FBK" (App Feedback) security area to view feedback that is submitted by Aeries Mobile Portal App users.
Aeries Mobile APISome parents and students received a "Invalid username and password" message when trying to log in even though their username and password were correct. The Aeries Mobile Portal App will now give a better error message to the user when configuration adjustments need to be made to the district's Aeries server.
Assertive DisciplineAdding and modifying Assertive Discipline (ADS) records and Administrative Action (DSP) records were previously controlled by the same ADS permissions. Administrative Actions are now controlled by their own "DSP" permissions. This will allow the refinement of user security to permit the adding of an ADS record without being able to add a DSP record.
Assertive DisciplineUnder certain conditions, the banner showing special education status was not displaying properly for those with the correct table permissions, fixed.
Copy Scheduling Results to SEC and MSTThe SSS and SMS admin permissions for accessing this page have now been reduced to read permissions, while retaining the MST and SEC admin permissions.
Free and Reduced PageThe labels for fields "Food Stamps" and "AFDC" have now been updated to "SNAP" and "TANF" respectively, based on the federal level. The associated Students with Free Or Reduced Meals report has also been updated to reflect these changes.
Classes pagesThe "View Current Term" option has been changed to look for terms based on the nearest school day rather than today's date. Also, the "Alt Ed Scheduling" option was not being honored correctly to prevent users from changing the Course IDs, fixed. Also, the "Reschedule" button was not working in some cases, fixed.
Student ProfileClass Summary - The display of Classes for the Current Term has been adjusted to use the nearest school day instead of today's date.
ImmunizationsThe description for other vaccinations is now displayed when hovering over the vaccination code.
Class List by Section ReportThis report has been adjusted to include a title. Also, small visual adjustments have been made to facilitate this change in the header and titles have been added for the course and teacher fields.
School OptionsThe popup for DecisionInsite Cities Beta was only allowing numbers to be entered, fixed. Also, visual styles on the page have been updated.
Supplemental Attendance Report (CCLC/ASES and ASSETs)The CCLC/ASES columns for 3 and 6 hours for May-Aug are now calculating correctly per clarification from the CDE. Also, the calculation for the ASSETs report was not limiting to the selected Supplemental Attendance Program, fixed.
Master ScheduleStudents in a section are now displayed in alphabetical order instead of by their Student Number value.
OneRoster v1.1 APIThe getAllEnrollments endpoint had the potential to return references to invalid classes for elementary schools, fixed. Also, the getClassesForSchool and getTeachersForSchool endpoints were not returning the recommended OneRoster v1.1 JSON format when the list is empty, fixed.
OneRoster v1.1 ExtractInactive teachers were included in the users.csv extract, fixed.
User EmulationWhen emulating a parent or student account more than once in the same session, clicking Return to My Login would log out the current user, fixed. Also, when emulating a parent or student account, the Login Count and Last Page Request were updated erroneously, fixed.
CALPADS ExtractsIn some cases, the school list could lose selections after running an import or update process from the CALPADS page, fixed.
Hayes TIPWeb-IT IntegrationThe 8/31 update to Aeries created errors in this new feature, fixed.
504 ProgramThe Add Accommodations popup was not clearing out values from previous iterations of adding accommodations. This could result in accidentally adding a duplicate record, fixed.
504 Plan ReportSome Accommodations were not being included on this report if a related participant was previously deleted from the accommodation, fixed.
Student ProfileAn error was being generated in rare circumstances where a school's grade level in LOC did not include high school grades even though college requirements were attempting to be calculated for a high school student.
Attendance by Photo (Old)The print icon at the top of the page was not working, fixed.

Hi, Camden,

Thanks for the early revision note updates.  IELPAC and Language Assessment are really helpful.  Does that mean that the redesigning Language Assessment screen has been completed?  Is the function/macro that copy ELPAC (Annual/Sematic) scores from TST table to Language screen (used to be on CS version) is now available?  Thanks.

Katie Yen

ABC Unified School District


We haven't gotten to the redesign or the copy process from TST to LAC.  Ideally, I would like to get rid of the fields in LAC and move to display the appropriate information from TST on the General tab on the Language screen.  But I hear that people like the ease of Querying the data in LAC, so maybe we'll keep it.

As for any new fields, we have not yet analyzed how well IELPAC fits into the existing LAC fields.  I'll check on that as we move forward with the "Copy" process.

- Cam

Jennifer, thank you for the well thought out ideas.  I'll bring these to my team as we work to improve this page.

- Cam

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